3 Reasons Why Vehicular Advertising Is For Street Smart Entrepreneurs

Bus Advertisements

In the era of the internet, online advertising campaigns, social networking, screen pop-ups and the like seem to be the “in” thing as far as advertising goes. Given the fact that lots of people across the globe do spend a lot of time online, the internet might seem like the best place to advertise but the most obvious place where people spend time otherwise is…on the road!

Here’s why vehicular advertising is something worth trying out…

More Time on the Road

The average urban citizen spends about two hours on the road every day. This includes time spent traveling to and from work, dropping kids off to school, picking up groceries or indulging in a leisurely walk; even going for a jog or a brisk walk thrown in.

Apart from our homes, offices and schools we spend a lot of time on the road. Getting to a destination with nothing to do besides looking around, listening to songs on our iPods or catching up on the phone. Despite all this we do have time to do all of these things while we look around and read a billboard or an advertisement on the bus that goes by in the interim period.

Consciously or subconsciously we are all receiving advertising messages while we are on the road. This is why advertisements on auto rickshaws, cabs, bikes and buses make sense. Not all of us will pay attention to these messages but the possibility that we may pay attention is of greater interest to marketers.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams have become a sort of permanent fixture in most cities and towns across the globe. Getting stuck in traffic means a few minutes or even hours spent staring at the back of a bus or cab. If it bears an advertisement then most people just read it without even realizing that they are making an effort to read something which they would never have otherwise.

In big cities getting caught in a traffic jam means twiddling your thumbs for some hours. Most people I know and even in my own personal experience, tend to notice advertisements on cars, bikes and buses during that time. This is precisely why vehicular advertising makes a lot of sense.

Numerous Options

The best part about vehicular advertising is that it is the most versatile form of outdoor advertising. Your options include anything with wheels and that is a lot…the metro, railway, buses, cabs, auto rickshaws, scooters.

This simply means that you have a lot of avenues that work as in-your face advertisements to attract people from all walks of life. It is non-discriminatory in its approach because it reaches out to everyone who is on the road…a traveler or a passerby who chooses to walk. You never know who might be receiving and assimilating your advertising message.

There are advertising agencies that thrive on niche arenas for vehicular advertising say auto rickshaw advertising in India where auto rickshaws are a popular mode of public transport. So in areas where a certain vehicle is very popular business owners can cash in by advertising on those types of vehicles.

Traveling to and from work, school, college or a shopping spree is something all of us do every day. End result…we spend lots of time traveling and most of that time is spent looking around as we walk/drive a car/ride a bike/wait for the bus or train to arrive. This is precisely why vehicular advertising is something street smart business owners should consider worth trying out…

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