Why Graffiti is an Economical Way to Create Visual Impact for Your Brand

Graffiti for Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur who is treading the tightrope walk between budgetary constraints and the demands of modern advertising, then graffiti could be a very good advertising tool. Street art that creates visual impact while piquing consumer curiosity in an in-your-face style, here’s how graffiti can work to your advantage…


Instant Art

We live in a time when “time” as a resource is extremely scarce. All of us constantly complain about not having enough time. Having said that what better way to create an impact other than instant art?

In a world where mega issues dissolve in to nothing within a matter of seconds and where art is ever so ephemeral, graffiti, an instant art that you simply pull out of a can is easy. It’s like getting cup noodles…dinner or a quick bite in a few minutes. The spray can is rendered obsolete as soon as the paint inside runs out; disposable tools for disposable art. That way you just create less clutter and have a beautiful piece of art in a jiffy.


Public Space

The alluring aspect of graffiti art is that it’s contemporary and non-discriminatory. There’s nothing elitist about graffiti and this is what makes it accessible to everyone; more so to small business owners looking to create visibility in local spaces whether urban or rural.

So if you are looking to create an impact then using graffiti will help you reach out to prospects everywhere…the metro, alleys in the city, the park and outside your favorite cafe. The possibilities are endless particularly these days when art marries food and fun while extending the ever-present invitation to make money. Graffiti has the raw, in-your-face appeal that most advertising media lack.


Integrating Elements

Grafitti borrows almost unashamedly from popular culture and advertising to integrate these elements in a bizarre, kitschy style. Look at it this way…Graffiti is the advertising medium, the artsy aspect is the advertisement and the writer is the company.

A post modern-entity that draws from the supermarket style, graffiti is a colorful display, a pun on modern day living and contemporary business all at the same time. Pictures and minimal use of text can be used to create theme based advertisements that have a finger on the pulse of the village, town or city and that is the beauty of integration that graffiti offers.

Subverted advertising

The very fact that graffiti artists are in their line of work for the fame and not for the money is what sets it apart from other advertising media. In a world where materialism is the order of the day and art is regarded as the preserve of the privileged few, graffiti is subverted advertising by the masses.

The use of graffiti for political propaganda is not new and is still well entrenched in most cultures. But it has really gone beyond that and is now being used by the ordinary folk as a promotional tool that strikes a chord with the masses on account of its simplistic approach. In time s when everyone wants to be someone graffiti is an entrepreneurs way of telling you to be you, be comfortable in your own skin.

So if you don’t have a big advertising budget and want to create ripples with your products/services then using graffiti makes great business sense. Grab that can of spray paint and create your message for the masses!

Image courtesy: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=172