Business Blog Tips: Getting More by Writing Less

So your business blog is up, but you’re getting worn down. All those updates are eating into your time. You’re starting to get bored of the whole thing – but instead of quitting, you double down. No business ever succeeded because its owner quit. The bad news is that not only are things getting worse for you and your blog, but that you might be doing everything wrong. You might actually need to do less – a lot less. You just need to do the right things instead of more things.

business blogging tips
In business blogging, you need to find ways to do more with less

Put Up Guest Posts on Other Blogs Once a Month

There are many ways to promote a blog. From social media to promoting your sites on places like StumbleUpon and Reddit, there are so many options that it can be hard to imagine it being difficult to promote anything. The problem is that while options are plentiful, time remains limited. You can only do so much every day, and any promotions you’ll want to do for your blog and business will have to be balanced with the business itself.

Therefore, the optimal solution is to find the most effective promotional option and to commit to it. For most people, this would be guest blogging. The problem with any other option is that it requires pre-existing connections, and lots of them. Guest blogging only requires you to have few but powerful connections to get it rolling well. It’s a matter of quality over quantity.

Stick to One Blog Post per Week

Most people tend to assume that writing and posting more will work out – and the thing is that it is true, to an extent. The problem is that, again, time is limited. Reducing your output to once a week doesn’t just help you manage your time better, but it will help you focus on quality.

This doesn’t mean that you should stick to posting one thing a week. Once you get used to blogging, you should be able to put together posts faster and thus be able to write more in the same amount of time. Until then, focus on quality. It won’t matter if you can put up twelve a week if they all suck.

Work Your Way Up

Start with the minimum. Blogging might seem like a snap, but a business blog requires a lot of work to run, from working the backend to putting up posts. Just like anything, you’ll get used to it – and once you get used to it, you can start increasing the scale of your efforts. Try out some other stuff. Just like a business, a blog will fail if it isn’t always growing or trying to grow.

If you’ve been looking at business blog tips, you’ll know that none of these are necessarily new. What actually is new here is the scale and the process of actually applying these techniques. It’s about refocusing your efforts on quality and maintaining that quality as you grow as a writer and a blogger. By keeping your eye on quality and making sure that you can always handle your workload, you’ll ensure that the future of your blog is bright and happy.

About the Author: Federico Einhorn is the Founder and CEO at FullTraffic. Passionate about Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, regular writer for the FullTraffic Blog. Since 2005, FullTraffic has evolved to become one of the most important Traffic providers worldwide for small to medium sized businesses.