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If you have not done so already, the first thing you want to do is pick the right company for you. There are numerous network marketing companies out there. Many of them are great. If you haven’t selected one then here are a few that are very reputable and should be considered:

You will want to look at their various compensation plans, products, monthly order obligations, policies, and team support in your area. I myself opted to be a Scentsy consultant. I considered all of the things above and found this company to be the best fit for me. There really is no one correct business. You can be successful or fail at almost any business. One thing I need to note is that you want to be very cautious of “New” network marketing companies. These companies come and go every day, you don’t want to invest your time and money in one that is mismanaged and will disappear next month.

Once you have selected your business and signed up there are a few tricks I’d like to share to help you sell your product and ensure you are successful. Keep in mind some of these methods are well guarded secrets by many people. They only use them to help people in their down line.

Google and Adwords

First you need to make sure you have a Gmail account. It is time to stop messing around and holding on tight to some old email system. Gmail is by far the best you will find. They filter out spam far better than everyone else and Google is pushing in to other areas like social networking and online storage. Just get one, it is futile to resist.

Now that you have your account it is time to get some free advertising. Go to and register your Google account for AdWords. It is important that you do not add any payment information. Just register the account and wait a week or two. After you wait a week or two, Google will send you an email with a coupon for some free advertising. The amount is usually around $100. Now you can setup your AdWords account to run some online ads for your business by sending them to your business website. I’ve sold a lot of product with just this one method alone.

Basket Parties

Basket parties are where you put together a bundle of your sample products and some order forms. Now you can go to some of your current customers and ask them to take it to work and share it with their friends. If they really do love the product then they won’t have any problem doing this. Best of all most companies will offer incentives to people who are willing to share the product even if they don’t want to be a distributor or consultant.

Have them collect any orders then return the basket to you. In the end you get new customers and new orders and they get product for hosting a basket party.

Home Parties

This is where the real meat and potatoes are in any network marketing company. If you are not have some sort of in house party on a regular basis then you are going to be struggling compared to anyone else. You do not have to have the home party at your house; you can have it at a customer’s house as well.

When a home party goes well you have two opportunities to recruit people in to your down line. The first opportunity comes after you have taken all of the orders. You then give a pitch to everyone at the party to host their own party for some potential free products. This usually goes well for the people who like a lot of what you showed them and only ordered some but want more. Now you can ask the group for referrals of anyone who might be interested in hosting a party. Then finally comes your first opportunity to recruit, you ask them if any of them would like to hear more about the business. Give your pitch and see if you get a new recruit. Lastly after the party is over and the total order has been calculated you can show your host how much commission they would get if they signed up as a consultant. Then you offer the commission for the party to them if they do sign up. In the long run this will be far better for you and the commission for a party will almost always cover the cost of signing up.

To summarize, a home party should follow this sequence of events:

  1. Guests arrive and you play games and show off the product
  2. Orders are placed for products
  3. You offer potential products to anyone willing to host a party
  4. Get referrals to other people who might want to host a party
  5. Ask anyone if they’d like to hear about the Scentsy business
  6. Calculate the commissions and offer them to the host if she would sign up

If you use any or all of these three methods you can rocket your home MLM business in to success. Give each method some time and really put in the effort to master the technique. All of these are proven to work for many people across many home businesses.

About the Author: Stephanie Keith is a home maker and entrepreneur. She has had over five years experience selling products online and offline for her home business. She believes in helping others in hopes that they too will pass it on and help those people around them.

Image: Ambro