These Three Women Make Serious Money as Consultants: So Should You

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Many consultants make a lot of money while others just scrape by. Here is a look at three very successful female consultants and the tools they have used to make it big on their own. One is a very successful management consultant for top-level executives; her name is Angela. Another is a culinary consultant; her name is Barbara. Yet another is a Six Sigma consultant currently working for one of the large oil companies; her name is Nancy. In all thee cases these women have created niches for themselves and they charge very high fees. Here is an inside look at how they do it, how they got to where they are, and the tools they use to attract new clients.

Great Consultant Fees Don’t Happen Overnight

On TV and in never-never land, the young dashing scullery maid is elevated to the status of princess overnight. Unfortunately, in the real world this usually isn’t the case. Commanding high consultant fees comes from years of training and/or experience. For example, Angela was an executive consultant for a large financial firm for 7-years before she left to start her own business. She also has a PhD in psychology.

Similarly, Barbara has owned two catering companies and started one of the best restaurants in town. Barbara can command respect from clients simply by saying, “You know Cucina, I started that place and then sold it.”

Likewise, Nancy has an MBA, Six sigma online black belt certification and she worked for Fortune 100 companies for 15 years. In all three cases these women have put time and effort into their education and careers. Moreover, they have had the patience and guts to turn the skills that they have into their own consultant businesses.

Great Consultants Believe in Themselves

Demanding and being paid what you are worth comes from a deep sense of self worth. The women above are very different in their personalities but in all cases they believe in their own strengths and skills. They have high self esteem and have no problem charging a fortune for their services.

Barbara puts it best, “When I help someone start a restaurant I’m selling my years of successes and failures. Bright new entrepreneurs realize that this information is very valuable and they are willing to pay for it.”

Angela’s attitude is more modest, she says, “I’m very good at helping top executives understand their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a gift I have and I love what I do.”

Nancy’s attitude is more nonchalant and arrogant, she says, “I have no idea why no one before me didn’t see all these problems, but they didn’t. No one else could figure it out. They hired so many people and they fixed nothing. The solutions seem so logical to me- like it’s nothing. It’s very valuable to the company though and they are starting to see results.” In all cases, these three successful women know their value and they are not afraid to talk about what they are worth. The manner in which they talk about their work is different but a stream on underlying confidence runs through all three of them.

Great Consultants Make the Most Out of Their Social Life

Nancy is perhaps the best one at doing this. Her business contact list and her personal contact list are one. Nancy is always connecting socially with potential business clients at parties, birthdays and weddings. She is a very social woman and she really enjoys the interactions and would probably do them anyway. The fact that many of her social connections could become potential clients just enhances her sociability.

Angela is more academic. Knowing her personality and her clients she started offering weekend retreat improvement workshops for business men and women. She knows that her best foot forward is as a teacher and she enjoys the relaxed group atmospheres she creates at beautiful spa-resorts. She also knows that through these classes she is likely to gain new long-term clients for her business.

Barbara has chosen yet a different tactic. She is very social and likes to be out on the town but she mainly uses media and advertising to draw clients to her business. She has a commanding Internet presence, has written several books and commonly gets herself and her business onto entertainment TV shows and publications.

Making a good living as a consultant also takes a few lucky breaks. All three of these women have been extremely lucky, but they will also tell you: “I made my own luck; that is why I am lucky.”

About the Author: Craig Calvin is Brand Manager for, leading online six sigma training website.