How Freephone Numbers can Benefit your Small Business

How Freephone Numbers can Benefit your Small Business

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Using freephone numbers offers your small business numerous benefits

In the business world, any advantages which can be gained over competitors are well worth taking. Whether you’re able to sell the same products as your rivals for a lower price, take advantage of customers’ dissatisfaction with a competitor’s services or are simply able to get your company’s voice heard more clearly than others, you have to seize the opportunities which come your way. One thing you could do to make your company stand out from the crowd is get a Freephone number for your business such as 0844 numbers.

Freephone numbers can be extremely advantageous for your business in a number of ways. You might think that a telephone number is just that: a telephone number, but they can help play a role in either making or breaking your company’s fortunes. In getting one for your business, you could attract a whole wave of new customers, as well as retaining existing ones. Here are some of the reasons why it’s useful to have a Freephone number for your business:

Freephone numbers have wider recognition among the general public than numbers which begin with local area codes. As a result of their recognition, repeat customers are more likely to remember your company’s phone number if it begins with ’08’ than they would if it had a different number, particularly a local one.

As their name suggests, Freephone numbers are free to call. This means that new and existing customers don’t feel discouraged about giving you a call about wanting to do business with you for fear of having to pay a lot of money to talk to you. If more people ring you, then you’re sure to sell more of your products.

If your company has a Freephone number, then it’s more likely that you’ll be trusted by customers old and new. As you’re not charging customers to make a phone call to you, they feel that they can get in touch with you as and when they need to.

A lot of the world’s most successful companies market themselves through their phone number, and you could do the same. By emphasising the fact that your number is easy to remember and it won’t cost anyone a penny to talk to you, you’re showing that your business cares about its customers and is happy to help with any enquiries that people have about your products and services.

About the Author: The article is written by David White.

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