Five Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur

successful entrepreneur
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It is inspiring to read that ordinary people doing extraordinary things, making bold progress in the business front even when the economy is shrinking. But does this mean, anyone with a good college grade, would be able to take up the gauntlet of challenges and shine as a successful entrepreneur? Nope. In fact, what I feel is that entrepreneurship is something that you got to have in your genes otherwise, failure will be hard to avoid.

However, contrary to what people believe, becoming an entrepreneur is in fact, the easiest adventure that anyone can try. There is in fact nothing to worry about. You would not have to ask your parents for their permission, you would not have to give any interview and you would not have to waste your time preparing for some silly exams. So, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. However, starting a business and making it success is a different ball of wax altogether. In fact, experts are of the opinion that successful entrepreneurs share some particular characteristics that are unlikely to be found in other people. Wondering what could they be? Well, let us explain this to you:


Yes, a successful entrepreneur should possess a creative bend of mind otherwise; he will never be able to think beyond the box. However, creativity does not mean that you must come up with a beautiful painting or a brilliant love song. Nope, this is not the case at all. Here creativity stands for the ability of being able to come up with creative ideas related to marketing, financing and management.


Now, here I am going to court controversy. Everyone around believes that they are highly ambitious but their daily life style do not support this. We are happy with the things are and we rarely think beyond expanding our business model to other surrounding areas leave aside overseas. But to succeed in a start-up business, you need to learn how to run before you can walk. So, unless you are ambitious, you will find it really hard to cope with growing challenges of running a start-up business.

Ability to Take Up Risk

Unless you have an appetite for risk, you are unlikely to succeed as an entrepreneur. Apart from investing your hard-earned money on the start-up business, you need to hire people, expand your clients’ list and so on. Now, if you find that managing your small credit a daunting task, I think you will find it overwhelmingly difficult to borrow big money that will be needed for expanding your business.


Now, I am not asking you to possess sixth sense to be able to see what is coming down the road. Not at all. But you should be able to see where your business. A strong analytic skill is needed to be able to foresee what fate has in store for you. Unless you possess this gift, your business is going to hit the plateau soon.

About the Author: Michael Evans is a passionate bloggers and a regular contributor to WebArts, a Cyprus based Digital Agency.