5 Tips for Successfully Working on the Go

mobile working
Image by Anastasia / Flickr via Mobopreneur.com
In the 21st century mankind’s technology is advancing faster than any other period in human history. New phones, tablets, and computers are constantly hitting the marketplace offering individuals the freedom to work without being chained to a desk or a cubicle.

More and more workers are taking advantage of technology and working effectively from home, from the coffee shop, and hotel rooms across the country and around the globe.

As glorious as the idea of working free of the tethers of an office, it can be a tricky task to efficiently and productively. Those who are properly prepared and able to exercise good self-control can be extremely productive working outside a traditional office space.

Tips for succeeding as an on-the-go employee are almost limitless, but they can sensibly be broken down into various groups. Keep the following areas in mind when heading out the door for a business trip or to an off-site meeting:

1. Device and information safety

Protecting the information on any mobile device, and the device itself, is of the utmost importance for those who work on-the-go. Whether the destination is a coffee shop, offsite meeting, or a conference in another country it is always a possibility that the device could be misplaced or stolen. Before walking out the door ensure that any and all sensitive information is encrypted or removed altogether. While out and about, keep close tabs on the device to ensure its physical safety.

2. Pack properly

Those who are heading out for an extended trip, a day or longer, need to remember to pack properly. Pack up extra accessories like headphones to help tune out the distractions of the world, and don’t forget chargers and USB cables. Remembering these critical accessories will ensure that devices always have battery life and can be connected to other devices when necessary.

3. Voice and data plans

Those who do the majority of their on-the-go work through a smartphone or tablet should double check their voice and data plans from their carriers. It is important to check for coverage at the end destination to avoid any shocking voice or data roaming charges at the conclusion of the trip.

4. Access on-the-go

More and more places are offering WiFi access to the public as a tool to entice visitors. Fast food chains, retail stores, malls, and bookstores are just a few places that now offer WiFi access for free, making it easier to stay connected while out and about. For an added level of comfort, conduct a quick search online before leaving to discover mobile hotspots around the destination.

Those who are travelling for longer periods and are ensured of facing limited access can inquire with cellular carriers about mobile data devices and tethering plans. Many providers sell USB sticks that act as mobile hotspots, as well as tethering plans that allow a cell phone to be used as a modem for a computer or other device. If necessary, purchase one of these plans before leaving and ensure all the necessary accessories are in-hand before heading out.

5. Environment

Lastly, always be aware of the surrounding environment. Environment can mean thinking twice about others in the room or the actual physical environment. McDonald’s may be along the way, have free WiFi, and satisfy that hunger pang, but kids running around and talking can make it a difficult place to maintain focus on the task at hand. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the weather as well. Sunny days seem like a great time to be outside, but dealing with the glare of a screen is a true pain. On the flip side, cloudy days can become rainy days quickly and tech toys don’t mix well with water.

Working on-the-go has been embraced by a number of businesses around the globe because it enhances the productivity of workers in many cases and employees love the freedom to get out of the cubicle. Following the tips above can help ensure that productivity and effectiveness are not lost when working from the road.

About the Author: Daniel is a writer that enjoys testing out the latest gadgets and technology as it hits the stores. He enjoys researching and writing about new tech trends, especially consumer technology and raves about his printers.