Time Management Tips and Trends for Small Business Owners (Infographic)

Time Management Tips and Trends for Small Business Owners (Infographic)

time management trendsYou might have already known – small business owners are some of the busiest people in the world. Partly due to the limited resources, small business owners often have to wear many hats – sometimes too many. Did you know how small business owners spend their time? There is an infographic that can give you the big picture.

The infographic – published by Mavenlink, a project management solution – visualizes some interesting – and worrying facts about how small business owners spend their time in term of running and managing their business. You can also learn from the infographic some suggestions on how to manage your time better. Here are some notes based on the infographic:

Time is the most valuable small business asset

From the infographic, you can find out that time is the most valuable asset for your business. I agree with the majority; I personally think that my time is also my biggest asset due to two major reasons: You can’t add more hours in your 24-hour a day limit and you can’t turn back time to do things better.

With computers, you can always add more to match your business growth; you can always repair broken computer; you can always restart when things went wrong. Time – no, you can’t buy time; you have your limit. That’s why I work hard to value my time better; I try to raise my dollar value of my work time, instead of spending more hours to get more dollars.

Small business workers seem to work harder, not smarter

What’s challenging for small business owners today is the fact that they work longer hours in a day and on more weekends. With that being said, they also spend less time vacationing; worse work-life balance, I suppose…

Here’s more to add to small business owners’ misery: They commonly take three to six roles in their small business. This many-hats-wearing duty needs proper solutions, I must say. Unfortunately, technology – that is assumed to be helping you to be better managing your time – is not doing any good in solving your problems, according to the survey results presented in the infographic.

The answers to the time management woes

Mavenlink offers some suggestions on how to manage your time better, mainly via better prioritising of your tasks, better use of technology, and using the right tools.

Check out the infographic below to learn about the small business time management trends – as well as for the invaluable time management suggestions worth following:

time management tips

Via Mashable – published by Mavenlink

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