4 Ways to Make Money in the Breakroom

You’re one of the lucky people in this economy who still has their job, so you feel bad about complaining, but you’re low on money. You enjoy your job, but you would really like some extra money to go out on the weekends, maybe save up for that vacation that you haven’t taken in three years. No matter what you want extra cash for, there are ways to get it.

vending machines in breakroom
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The following suggestions are tips for making money utilizing your contacts at work. Be forewarned: you will need permission from your employer in order to utilize these, but if you can get that permission, this is a great place to start.

Vending machines

Nowadays it’s not that difficult to get a hold of a vending machine. You can buy or rent them relatively low cost and stock them with whatever you want, even choosing your own prices. The biggest risk in investing in vending machines is vandalism. Why not nip this problem right in the bud by putting it in a secure area such as your work break room? Since your coworkers will be your customers, you want to make sure it is always stocked so that there is no bitterness, and taking requests for products is highly recommended. As mentioned, you will need to check with your boss, but if you keep prices decent and don’t cause problems with other employees, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Homemade crafts

Maybe you like to use your time at home to make things. Whether it is crocheted beanies, blankets, jewelry, or something else, you can take your homemade goods to work and set up shop. You can either have a display set up where people can take the items and leave money on a good-faith basis, or put them in a safe area and let people contact you to place orders. This is a great way to show off your skills and interests, and you’re sure to get lots of orders around the holidays.

Multi-level Marketing

Who better to harass with your plastic food storage containers, home décor items, jewelry, and makeup parties? Multi-level marketing is all about networking, and what better place to network than work? Invite your coworkers to your spa parties and kitchen tool demonstrations, but don’t stop there. Make the catalog available for a few days after the party so that those who can’t make it will still be able to purchase items.

Hobby Workshops

Do you give massages? Why not have a day where you offer a massage class to your coworkers at a small price? You can do this with an unlimited amount of hobbies and talents: yoga, writing, crafts. These can be “how-to” workshops or just days where you book people for your services (yoga lessons, music lessons, etc) at a discounted rate. Making it a special event encourages more people to attend. If you provide food and supplies, it makes more sense for you to charge.

These are just a few ways to supplement your income. Using your already established hobbies and interests is the best way to be successful and to not be stressed by the extra “workload”.

About the Author: Stacy Lewis is an entrepreneur who likes to share tips about small business and alternate income with everyone she meets. She currently writes for the vending machines supplier vendingmachinesunlimited.com.