How can Your Business Blog be More Useful to Its Readers?

Image by Rosen Georgiev
This week is “Business Resources Week” for – we have published useful pages that I’m sure will help you in your business endeavour… and yes, as I love freebies, all of the resources is accessible to you free of charge. Okay, let’s recap what we are doing this week in searching for resources and tools that can help you in starting up and/or growing your business…

Here are some of the resources we have made available for our readers since August 13th, 2012 – things that also answer this very question: How – and yours – can be more useful to its readers?

1. Offer unbiased products/services comparisons

We partner with FindTheBest, a site offering unbiased, data-driven comparisons about almost anything related to business. FindTheBest has been featured on various popular media, such as The New York Times, TechCrunch, and SearchEngineLand – so we are confident about their apps.

We have published 3 pages featuring 3 comparisons that we think most useful for readers: Venture Capital Firms comparisons, Non-profits comparisons, and Business/Industry Events comparisons.

For sure, there will be more to come!

2. Free magazines, publications and white papers

We also decided to publish a page containing free-to-access magazines, publications and white papers. You can get free complementary copies of business magazines, as well as free downloads of white papers on various topics, particularly business, finance and technology-related topics.

All you need to do is to choose a particular resource and send a request to get it. Go visit our small business resources page to start your search.

3. Offer more useful updates on our Facebook page

Okay – I get it; our Facebook page sucked. But it’s better today – we didn’t really take a good care of’s Facebook page – our bad. We are doing better right now, and what we are doing is offering interesting business updates we have found from the web, as well as our ‘insider’ updates that are useful for our fans.

As usual, we are open for feedback – please visit our Facebook page to have a lookie, and while you are at it, please consider to “Like” our fan page.

Plan for next week

We are planning to publish more resources on, for sure. While doing that, we will also launch a contest… stay tuned!

So, I’ve shared our plan – ‘care to share yours?

Ivan Widjaya
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