5 Unique Crowdfunding Startup Projects You should Support

I like to hang around crowdfunding sites these days simply because they offer me great inspiration. Yes, I honestly visit those sites for getting ideas first, and supporting projects second. To say the least, those sites overwhelm me with unique projects and make me say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

doggie day care business startup

While I am browsing for business ideas on GoFundMe, I can’t help discovering eye-catching startup projects – and I thought that sharing them would give you much needed inspiration in getting your entrepreneurial journey going.

So take this opportunity to supporting the the projects you love – or even enticing you to launch a project yourself!

Without further adieu, here are 5 of many crowdfunding projects you should donate your money to:

1. Fort Bark – doggie day care and boarding facility

The best startup can originate from making existing products/services better – this is the case with Fort Bark; it is a doggie day care and boarding facility located in Dallas, Texas (Hwy. 75 corridor at Legacy in Plano, TX,, to be exact) offering something that hasn’t been offered by other doggie day cares: Not only providing indoor facilities, Fort Bark offer outdoor area that lets your dogs play to their hearts content.

This brainchild of Brian Pierce will have 6000 sq.ft. of indoor facilities – and a much bigger outdoor area.

2. Accessible Travel Review Website

Traveling with your loved one who has a disability can be very challenging. Not only the traveling process itself is challenging, finding locations that are accessible from the web and printed publications is trivial. Calling the locations’ staffs is not always helpful as they have limited knowledge about traveling with a disability.

Rochelle Richardson Garwood has this brilliant idea of starting a website that allows people with disabilities and their families to find information on the attractions, lodgings, restaurants, etc. that are friendly for people with disabilities. People can also rate on the locations to help others find the right information.

3. PaperFreeRSVP.com – Low-cost, paperless invitations

Theresa Dinis is a former wedding planner who understands the ins and outs of wedding preparations – including the high costs that come with them. She fed up with the high costs of weddings, also with the paper wastes produced by the wedding invitations.

Those led Theresa to establish a website, www.PaperFreeRSVP.com. It allows you to create invitations – even upload videos – and send them to friends, colleagues and family members – paperless, online.

It is a simple solution, yet effective in helping people to be more eco-friendly, as well as helping them significantly reducing their wedding costs.

4. Low-cost solutions for hard-to-get video shots

Want to get unique footage for your needs? Keith McLellan of Lake Havasu City, AZ is starting a business that provides a one-stop solution for people who want to shot hard to get videos. The business will offer various specialised vehicles that can carry most types of cameras.

You can have both manned and unmanned vehicle – ranging from a palm-size helicopter to a jet with 3 crews. Pretty cool!

5. Sportee Sprout Maternity – Collegiate maternity jerseys

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look sporty. Just ask Shannon LaMont. She launched the fundraising project to get help for her to launch an apparel business with a kick: Collegiate maternity jerseys.

Initially, Shannon will launch with two Florida universities, Florida State University and University of Florida. The plan is to expand to the rest of the state of Florida, and beyond.

So, there you go – 5 business startup projects you should consider supporting. For more fundraising projects – not only business startup projects, but also any other causes, please visit GoFundMe.

Ivan Widjaya
Raving on unique startup projects