How to Get Your Tech Startup Mapped and Reviewed: Startup Warrior Relaunch

Are you in the middle of the startup phase of your business? I understand how challenging things are during the phase – I know because I’ve been there myself. Working long hours, worrying all the time, and anxiously waiting for customers and clients to come – I know how difficult things can be.

startup marketing
Image by floeschie

I also understand that what you need right now are probably these 2 things: Funding and exposure. Well, I perhaps can’t provide you the former, but I can definitely offer you the latter! Feeling a bit intrigued? Well, read on…

Relaunching Startup Warrior

I have acquired Startup Warrior last year and haven’t done much on it since then. Partly because it’s an app – so it’s running on its own. I tried to drive traffic to it but it seems that it has lost traction since I purchased it.

You see, Startup Warrior was initially an app that let you discover tech startups in North America via an interactive map. As a startup map, Startup Warrior’s don’t have anything else to offer: The app developer has successfully integrating CruchBase data into the app. Unfortunately not long after it’s launched, CrunchBase develops its own app that’s similar to Startup Warrior’s tool. So, in short, CruchBase has the traffic and exposure; Startup Warrior didn’t.

So, keeping that in mind, I decided to remove the app and overhaul the whole site, but still offering the same thing: Startups on maps – but I am doing things with a twist: Instead of sending people to CrunchBase profile for more information, I am planning to keep visitors on Startup Warrior, as I will also provide reviews on the listed startups. Unlike the app which was using CrunchBase data, the new site’s content is all ours to control.

Why I should get published on Startup Warrior?

Good question. Of course, I would strongly recommend you to list your tech startup on CruchBase. It’s a free wiki-style directory where many – if not most – technology companies, people, and investors are listed. Getting published on KillerStartups is also good for you, too.

Startup Warrior, on the other hand, is trying to find the perfect balance between providing objective information about a tech startup, as well as opinionated, blog-style review on it. In short, we can get your tech startup buzzed. No fuss, just a good publication for your startup!

startup map

Along with the reviews, the site also offers more information, such as location map to help you find more details about the startups, such as the directions to reach the company’s office, point of interests and so on.

This is also good news for startups: I develop Startup Warrior with social features via social sharing buttons – Facebook share, Twitter tweet, LinkedIn share, and so on. So, you and your page’s visitors can tell others about your listing.

My plan with Startup Warrior is to make it as a call-to-action site, not a reference site. When people visit Startup Warrior, I want them to be engaged by the startup reviews and what they have got to offer – and hopefully will entice them to do business with the startups. I also want for visitors who are job seekers, journalists, and investors to read our review and reach out to the startups for opportunities.

So, whenever you are ready, please visit Startup Warrior for some of the most exciting tech startups in the world.