Get Big Security Protection for your Small Business

Like other businesses, small businesses are targeted by criminals on a daily basis and when comparing security systems, the small business appears to be the easiest target. However, by taking a few simple precautions and investing in a solid security and monitoring system, your average criminal will think twice about attempting to steal from you.

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Reduce Opportunistic Crime

One of the largest threats to small businesses is opportunistic theft of inventory or property. To reduce the possibility of this happening you should put in place systems of storage which reduce visibility of goods and access to them in storage areas. Insisting on adherence to clear guidelines for everything from uniforms and company identification cards to bar code inventory recording will minimize the opportunity for theft. In addition, making a habit of covering windows into your premises further reduces the chances that a casual glance in turns into a break in.

Secure your Premises and Property

Nothing discourages criminals more than a hefty padlock and solid deadbolt in a well lit and publicly visible location. For a criminal to attempt to break in and cut the lock in this situation requires a far greater risk than kicking in a flimsy side door in an alley. Installing professional grade locks on all entry doors and bars on window is a must for the small business owner who is serious about security.

Invest in a Monitoring System

Although they are great at discouraging most criminals, locks and window bars are merely an inconvenience to serious criminals who are determined to break in. The key to protecting your small business is detection of the break in attempt as soon as it begins and communicating that information to a monitoring center or the police. Entry, window breakage and motion detection systems can alert you to after hours activity instantly. Indeed, simply posting the signs of your security surveillance company clearly on your property is enough to scare away would be intruders.

The statistic from an FBI survey among convicted burglars that 90 percent would avoid a house with a security monitoring system is surely evidence enough to convince doubters of the efficacy of such a measure. The level of modern technology is such that you can monitor activity, any alerts that go off and security camera footage from home and even on a mobile device. Of course, investing in a monitoring service gives you a great deal more peace of mind than having to constantly watch your CCTV screens. Knowing that there are personnel monitoring your property 24 hours a day means you can relax after hours and on your days off.

Protection from Armed Threats

Although typically limited to gas stations and banks, small businesses can be the targets of armed robberies and having a security measure designed to deal with this threat should be seriously considered. The most typical solution here is the concealed panic button which allows staff to alert the monitoring service or police without exposing themselves to more danger than necessary.

The security of small businesses is vital to their survival, affecting profitability, staff morale and an owner’s peace of mind. Investing in a dedicated security and monitoring system can provide a means to ensure this.

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