5 Things a Digital Ad Agency Needs to Do for Self Promotions

It would seem that self-promotion for a digital ad agency would be one of the simplest things but in reality it is a distinctly tricky process. In an industry in which you are only as good as the work you do, sparing time for promoting your own business often proves to be pretty damaging. So what should a digital advertising agency do to promote themselves?

self promotion strategy
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Keep Clients Happy

Whatever work you have, ensure that at the end of the day your client goes back happy. This can ultimately translate to getting in more orders for you and at the same time, helps in the establishment of a brand. Happy clients talk to their peers and chances are, if he is impressed by the work you do, you will get a few more clients through his recommendations. It will also lead to further orders from the same client.

Do Quality Work

Doing solid work and building great campaigns ensures that along with the advertisements, your agency also gets noticed in addition to the client. It is out there for the world to see and there always people looking for companies to do ad work for themselves. Good work always gets noticed. If your agency is repeatedly doing work that commands attention, that will be all the self promotion you need.

Win Awards

Even if you are doing good work, it will not always be rewarded. To win awards in the advertising agency, your work needs to not only get noticed, it needs to get noticed by the right people. Constantly churning out good campaigns for companies may not be good enough. Awards are generally given to advertising campaigns that do something exceptional. Winning awards means that you were the best at fulfilling the criterion for that award. This gets your company some recognition. Also, it looks really good when you put up that award on your website.

Partner with Clients

An excellent move that a lot of advertisement agencies are making is to partner with their own clients. Whether your campaign is going to be primarily driven by social media or if it will be on some other form, there is always a lot that you can do to promote your own firm. The most popular way of doing so is to offer your client a little discount for including the name of your ad agency somewhere along the campaign. This will hardly make any difference to you and will also make the client happy that he saved some money. This goes a long way in allowing people to appreciate the work that you do. Independently investing an advertising campaign in terms of money or time can have alternative repercussions for your business. Such a partnership works brilliantly for your agency.

Promote Socially

Promoting your work socially takes very little time and is very effective. For popularity, all that you need to do is post some work that you have done for your clients. You do not even need to create a campaign for your company as your work and your creativity speaks for itself. Depending on the frequency of orders you receive, the period of such updates could vary. If your company has invested in an expert for promotion based activities on social networks, this becomes much simpler to achieve.

About the Author: Keith Tully is the Managing Director of Real Business Rescue. His company website, www.realbusinessrescue.co.uk, provides assistance to people facing financial difficulties and crisis.