Blessings in Disguise: Business Opportunities from Google Panda and Penguin Updates

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There is something hotter than Google PageRank these days – something that makes Google PageRank seems no longer important (well it is no longer that important in the past few years, but it’s even more today.) The hot new stuffs from Google that make the businesses relying on the Internet to do business scrambles: Google Panda and Penguin update.

Regardless of all the negative impacts of Google Panda and Penguin, it seems that they help creative entrepreneur establishing businesses offering products and services that can help the impacted websites recover.

But first thing first – a brief about Google Panda and Penguin…

What is Google Panda? What is Google Penguin? In essence, both are just 2 nicknames that refer to some of many Google algorithm updates; to help you search better, Google makes hundreds of updates annually. However, due to the impact scale of the two, both appear more important.

Google Panda algorithm updates aim to combat low quality content in order to help Google search users to discover better quality information online. Google Penguin algorithm updates aim to combat website owners who do unnatural linking in order to get their websites rank better on Google search result pages.

The bottom line, with those two group of updates, Google wants the search results to be better in quality and to be fair to all (“fair” is not a popular world with Google, these days – many accuse Google to favor big brands; someone even say that Google does so in order to improve their income from AdWords… whether it’s true or not, Google has every right to do so – Google search is its product, after all!)

New business opportunities – thanks to Google

Okay – so let’s get down to business. The impacts of the Google updates are devastating: Major sites are tumbling down; many went out of business; thousands of people lost their jobs.

But hey – things happen. And to entrepreneurs, the panicking online business world is their goldmine; they establish businesses that give solutions to their problems. Here are some businesses established and services offered to help clients recover from the slump:

1. Backlink Removal Services

Not long ago, I discovered a website offering services to remove backlinks. Now I discovered two (maybe more…) SEO firms also offer such services. The market is there, and clients are eager to hire.

Why are the services popular? Well, that’s mainly because Google Penguin slaps websites that are “over-optimized”: Having too many links on other websites with their main keywords as the anchor texts. There is nothing wrong with that, but doing that “excessively” will harm you today. Furthermore, other types of bad backlinks are also need to be removed – all in all, those are the efforts to get clients’ websites to go back on track.

To recover from the “slap”, website owners need to remove that links – and it’s not an easy task, as you need to contact other website owners whose websites host your links. This is where backlink removal business gets into the mix.

There are businesses offering a complete solution: Helping clients to acquire new links that will help diversifying link profile, as well as removing bad backlinks.

2. Content makeover services

Content writing is a lucrative business, but a competitive one. So whenever a new niche uncovered, it’s always a good thing. What’s in trend right now is article makeover service.

content makeover service is not a new thing: But it’s increasingly popular due to Google Panda updates. As I mentioned above, Google Panda fights low quality content: Poorly written and/or short web content – articles, blog posts, landing page content, etc. – can bring a web business down – just like To combat that, content need to be longer and more authoritative.

This kind of content writing service rewrites your existing content in such a way that it’s improved in quality. It’s pretty straightforward, really.

3. Non-Google optimization and marketing services – both online and offline

Many business owners whose websites are losing Google search traffic due to Panda and/or Penguin updates are simply giving up on Google and looking for other sources of traffic in order to keep visitors coming.

With that being said it is a big opportunity for businesses offering optimization and online marketing of any kinds: Video marketing, social media marketing, content marketing – and so on. There are also rather controversial services, such as business offering services to acquire Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, Pinterest pins, YouTube video views and so on.

Also don’t forget about off line marketing! Consider partnering with online printing company to work on your brand identity, such as custom business cards, Custom Ink T-shirt printing and so on to get the most bang for your buck.


For budding entrepreneurs, the Google algorithm updates are great window of opportunities for you to establish yet another profitable business by helping clients to recover their businesses.

For entrepreneurs whose websites were hit by Google Panda or Penguin, standing in the middle of the road doing nothing is probably the worst thing you can do. You need to do something, and one of the better things you can do is to explore the business opportunities that are made possible due to the changes.

Remember, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” (David Brinkley)

Ivan Widjaya
Google Panda and Penguin business opportunities