In a Mobile Business World, be a Go-Getter – or else…

mobile technology for business
Image by watcharakun
Mobile technology is a life hacker. If you think that social media hacks our communication methods, mobile technology amplifies it. In business, the impact is just the same: Mobile technology speeds things up – faster than ever. How small business owners can respond to the fast-paced business world? The answer is: Be a go-getter.

If you think the Internet is a fast paced world, add mobile technology into the mix and everything is moving even faster. Mobile devices, apps and everything that comes with them is changing the way we run business.

With mobile trends that show no sign of slowing down, you need to be a go-getter or hustler. You need to be proactive, for one simple reason: Mobile technology is accessible to anyone, including your competitors. If your competitors can offer convenience for the target market with the help of mobile technology, you lose.

How you can do business better with mobile technology

Need to do an urgent meeting? Need to work on a project with your diverse team members from all over the world? Just do so from your mobile device; sign up with a web-based collaboration tool and you are enabled to work whenever you need to, wherever you are.

In retailing, mobile technology helps retailers to combat recession: Want to do effective promotion? Just use QR code to send your promotional message – customers will just need to scan that code with their smartphones and there you go – your message sent across successfully. Accepting mobile payment? How about accepting Google Wallet? It’s a safer and faster way for your customers to pay you.

Running a restaurant? Adopting mobile technology allows you to take orders using a mobile device – orders can be processed quickly and day-to-day operations can be done smoothly – as a small business owner, you can monitor every single details of your restaurant, as everything is connected wirelessly via the cloud. In fact, you can monitor your restaurant operations while you are on the go.

Want to be a true go-getter? Try this: Instead of waiting for clients coming to your office, store or shop, why don’t you visit them instead, bringing your business with you. A laptop is convenient, but a tablet PC’s portability can be a game changer. Need to take card payments? Also bring a mobile payment processing device with you.

Participating in trade shows? Approach your prospects and pitch them with what your products/services can solve their problem – right from your iPad. Heck, why don’t you just close the deal on the spot – accept credit cards using mobile processing equipment (Hypercom, ROAMPay, Verifone… your choice) and partnering with a mobile-friendly credit card processing service, such as Bluepay, and there you go: Convenience for your customers and clients, quick sales closing for you; everybody wins.

Want to reduce your account payables? Take your mobile payment device with you and take payment at your customers’ premise. Whether it’s cash or credit card transaction – no problem. Do so and trust me, you won’t need to hassle your customers over and over again to get paid. Again, getting paid now and convenience for your customers: Everybody wins.

You see, the possibilities are endless. In mobile commerce, Mobile technology makes things easier for you and your customers. And when convenience is being aggressively offered, closing sales is just a matter of time.


Don’t make your customers think and work harder to get what they need: Bring everything to them; be a go-getter. Continuously under-promise and over-deliver – this way, you leave a positive impression to your customers.

Just do all that with the help of mobile PCs, mobile payment processing and any other mobile devices and apps – you’ll start seeing results.

Ivan Widjaya