How to Excel as a Freelance Writer: 8 Tips to Help You Set Up Your Own Writing Business

With freelancing becoming a popular option for most people who work full time, writing is a popular choice. While many people want to dive in to freelance writing, few really know the ropes of how to succeed at it. It is easy to start but difficult to get hired over and over again.

As a freelance writer for about six years now and a blogger for almost two years I think setting up your own writing business becomes easy if you know how to deliver and delight clients with your work. Here are 8 tips to help you along the way…

freelance writing
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Join A Writers Community/Market place

To make inroads in to the writing arena you need to get out there and be where people come looking for writers. Join a writer’s network and if possible become a member of a writer’s market place. This will help people know you are available.

Create a good profile and highlight your interests together with the type of writing you like to do.

Keep Sample Articles Ready

Write a few sample articles and keep them ready to send out as and when you apply for projects. Be sure to make the samples high quality, well researched and written pieces. Tardy work will not get you the job!

Exhibit a Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

When clients get in touch with you, show them you are willing to do more. If they need something written urgently and you can do it then always comply. It will help them know you are ready to go the extra mile.

Get to Know Your Client’s Needs

Every project has certain specifications with regard to writing style, tone, content, word limit, etc. Find out what your client needs and work accordingly, not the other way round.

Adaptability is a Huge Plus

Adapt your style of writing and content to the client and project specifications. If you are rigid and can do only so much, clients are bound to go elsewhere. Variety is the spice of life and work!

Your Deadlines Should Be Yesterday

Always, always…be on time. Your deadlines for everything should be yesterday not tomorrow. In a competitive world, time is of great essence so stick to it and watch how work flows in.

Read, Research and Revise

As a writer take time to read, research and look up information before you write. Always revise and edit your work before you send it out. Format your documents and check spellings!

Good Pricing

In the beginning you might not be able to say you want “x” amount for writing but once you are established, make sure you are not overworked and underpaid. Quality and reliability comes at a price so don’t be afraid to say you will not work for an amount less than “x”.

Freelance writing can be a profitable home based business if you make things work to your advantage and that of your clients.