10 Best Practices at Trade Shows

A competitive and winning trade show can be yours for the taking no matter how difficult the economic climate is. It’s all about strategizing and knowing your products well because this can really help you create a good show. If you wish to put up a trade show for your business any time soon, here are some of the best practices you shouldn’t miss out on.

trade show tips
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1. Know your Objectives

As much as you want to strike while the iron is hot, it is important to know what your objectives for putting up or joining a specific trade show are. Remember, it’s so important to know your objectives by heart. For example, if you’re planning on selling a new credit card reader, you will probably want to target the business owner audience. So heading to a home and garden show probably won’t have the customers you’re looking for.

2. Creative Shows

In order to not bore your clients and customers, consider putting up a show that is totally out of sync with the niche of your business. Make sure to think this through carefully first in order to be able to pull it off. Think of something that sticks out that other people don’t have. Generally, offering free goodies, raffles and an interactive display will draw in more than enough eyes.

3. No to Company Trade Shows

If you have recently opened a small business, there’s absolutely no reason for you to be trapped within the huge company’s trade show extravaganzas. Remember to stick to something simpler and more direct. After all, you have a small business.

4. Forget the Exhibits

If on the other hand you’ve heard of a small business that interests you that is planning a small trade show, just go there as an attendee and not as an exhibitor. Chances are you will only be wasting your money when you exhibit your products because nobody will really notice them anyway.

5. Quality Trade Shows Over Quantity

No company will ever win an award for joining as many trade shows as they can possibly ever join. So it’s important to only participate in trade shows that you know can help boost your business. Remember, it’s always quality over quantity.

6. Marketing and Advertisement

Make it a point to spread the word about your trade show some months before it actually takes place. Entice people by giving them some teasers about what they can expect and make it a point to come up with a list of sure attendees.

7. Training and Personality Development

When it comes to trade shows, it’s not enough that you know for sure that you can give a good show. It’s also crucial to ensure that your entire trade show team go through the proper training and briefing because they are the ones to receive a lot of questions from random guests.

8. News and Online Buzz

In relation to advertising, make sure that your trade show event further reaches a broader scope. Don’t forget to grab the opportunity to advertise on select newspapers and online venues.

9. Follow-up Leads

After the trade show is over and done with, know that your work is not yet officially over. It’s important to follow up on certain leads and pick-ups as well. With that being said, try anything possible to gather as much contact information as possible. Whether it’s a business card or a raffle ticket, it isn’t hard to do if done the right way.

10. Media and Post-Conference

It is important to get media to go to your trade shows, that is, if you are truly after a big one. If not, stick to a few reporters who can talk about your event in their own newspapers or magazines. Keep in mind that this can be a challenge, but if done right, this can be great publicity for your business.

With thousands of trade shows going on every year, it’s so important to start planning and preparing now, no matter how big your business is. By starting with these simple tips, you should be on the path to tradeshow success relatively fast!

About the Author: This was a post contributed by Kathy Cady, who runs the cost helping website, How Much Is It? Here, you can find out what thousands of things cost in life.