Solve a Problem to launch Your Startup: How Startups across India are Doing It and You Can Too

If you want to launch a startup but find the whole process daunting… stop and think again. All you really need to do is find a pressing problem that either you or people around you face and you could be well on your way to launching a startup. Here’s how startups across India are doing it and their stories are worth sharing with you…

the maids company india
Image from The Maids’ Company

Help Around the House

Reliable domestic help is a pressing problem for most urban Indians. With the number of nuclear families and working couples on the rise what everyone needs is domestic help who will cook, wash, clean like clockwork and prove to be reliable with the home and kids. So when Gurgaon based Gauri Singh launched the Maid’s Company in 2010 it was no surprise that she generated Rs 3.5 lakh in the first year of operations and currently provides 250 maids.

The emergence of this organized player in an unorganized market where there was lack of standardization of skills and wages bode well for both domestic workers and employers seeking them.

The handy Man

Sometimes business ideas spring from one’s own problems. When Shaifali Agarwal couldn’t promptly find reliable handymen””such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers””to fix the problems in her new apartment in Delhi in 2009, she saw a huge gap in the market! A venture promising a one-stop solution for home/office repairs, so she took the plunge in 2011, with Easy Fix Solutions, which posted a turnover of Rs 80-90 lakh in its first year.


With organic food becoming the buzzword for people one of the big questions housewives in India were asking was where to buy it? Founded in 2011, Farm2Kitchen is India’s favorite online store for organic foods and organic grocery. What began as a home delivery service for organic fruits and vegetables was later tweaked to organic grains, pulses, jams, preserves, papads and pickles.

Today Farm2Kitchen delivers in 262 cities across India!

Gifts Anyone

Buying the perfect gift can be time consuming and difficult sometimes. This is what Ruchi Chopra realized when she wanted to surprise her friend with a pizza. Explaining to the pizza joint that the pizza had to be delivered at one place and payment to be collected from another was a trying experience. But this is what gave the idea to launch ASAP (Any Surprise Any Place) a one stop solution for personalized gifts.

Your startup is but a distant dream if you regard it as one. But small business ideas are not so hard to come by. Keep your eyes open and spot a problem to come up with your own startup.