10 Ways to Make your Business More Tech-Savvy

No matter what industry you work in, you have to get with the times and get with the technology. You have to start working using 21st century business models and equipment, and yes, that means technology. It’s the only way to stay ahead of, or even just within, the larger fray, and to boost your productivity.

tech savvy
Image by animaster / Flickr

1. Invest!

Throw some money at it in the short-term in order to reach long-term goals. Boosting your technology expenditure is the first step to tech-savvy businesses – consider buying products such as iPads and new whizbang electrical goods.

2. Know your products

Be aware of the kind of technology required for your industry – do some research if you have to. Look at all the facts to decide what will work best for you. Don’t buy a high-tech number cruncher you’ll never be able to work out. Start simple.

3. Get a website!

If you didn’t already have one, get onto the web and start engaging audiences online. Try social media sites to get feedback from clients and really get to know your users and their interests.

4. Centralise data storage

For small scale businesses this might mean something as simple as Dropbox. For a larger business it would probably involve hiring someone to get all your files together in one secure space. Always back your work up on many hard drives! Make sure it’s secure.

5. Online appointments

Really spend some time thinking about the unique customizations that the World Wide Web can offer, like the ability to book appointments online. It’s about thinking about how to have your customers’ lives easier.

6. Create content

Give the people something to read: something to look at, and something to understand. Build a blog and start to get the conversation rolling and to give the readers what they want. 

7. Buy laptops!

You and your employees can get work done on the go, and hook up remotely to the Wi-Fi network. It’s a time-saver and it can really increase work-life balance and joy in your career.

8. Online tutorials

Teach the people how to use your product! It’s easy now to make a demonstrative video and it’s an easy way to get clicks and engage.

9. Customise your technology.

Make sure it’s the right fit by buying technology for your industry. Hire someone to look into your website or equipment and configure it to meet your needs.

10. Choose sustainable infrastructure.

Choose technology that will work well into the future, and with little environmental impact. It’s not worth blowing a lot of cash on something that’s not designed to last.

Now that you’re switched on to new media, you’re ready to take on this scary business world…but don’t fret! You can always Google an instruction manual.

About the Author: Nicola Carlisle is a young businesswoman. She’d love to be in charge of managed hosting at an IT Firm.