Claim ’em! How Compensation Claims can Protect Employees – and Businesses

Most companies are aware of legal requirements and do take necessary steps to ensure a safe working environment.   However, uncertainty is part and parcel of life and is also part of any work place.

In which case, many a time, workers are injured despite preventive measures and mechanisms being in place.   Injury at work affects a workers ability to go about life as usual and brings up issues of hospitalization, medical care and rehabilitation, not necessarily all of these in all cases but at least some of these in all cases.

compensation claims
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In case of injury, the question of worker’s compensation arises. When the unwanted happens, claiming for compensation is only logical to help injured workers cope with injury and losses accruing from the same.

It is imperative that the injured worker is attended to and taken care of in the best possible manner.  However, for one reason or another, some companies are just neglecting that; this is why they should consider compensation claim services offered by reputable firms.

How can compensation companies help employees?

When unfortunate accident happens and your company seems to neglect you, there are companies that can help you claim for compensation. Of course, not all compensation claims companies were created the same; you should hire no win no fee solicitors who put your best interest on top of their mind – seeking for justice first and get compensation second.

Not only negligence from an employer, when the employee is getting questionable treatment from a hospital, he can use solicitors services, such as Medical solicitors service from first4lawyers to claim for any losses incurred due to misdiagnosis or receiving inadequate care.

How can compensation companies help employers

Due to the potential legal issues related to compensation claims, businesses turn to a third party to take care of it in ways avoiding lawsuit.

Those companies are manned by professionals who partner with employers, employees and get the necessary medical resources and people involved in rehabilitation.   Familiarity with the jurisdictional claims process and experience helps these professionals service the needs of an injured worker quickly and efficiently.   They also work towards helping employers reduce time and costs involved in the process.

Employers can access to the following tools:

  • Preferred Provider Networks:   whereby an injured employee will get appropriate treatment at the most right cost.
  • Nurse Case Managers  who work with your claims professional to assure the proper course of treatment is followed, focusing on a speedy return to work.
  • Treatment-specific programs designed to determine whether requested treatments are medically necessary and suitable.
  • Medical Bill Review Programs  to ensure only treatments that were provided are paid for and are in keeping with laws applicable.
  • Pharmacy and Medical Services Management Programs  to cut costs associated with prescription drugs and medical equipment or services needed during the process of recovery and treatment.

Aside from this other services used to help manage your claims costs include:

  • Litigation Management Resources to control the litigation costs associated with some claims.
  • Recovery Services  to pursue recovery of claim costs when other parties are at fault for the accident or injury.
  • Special Investigative/Fraud Unit to actively investigate any potentially fraudulent claims.


Work is physically and psychologically demanding. As an employer, you need to take care of your employees well, as they are one of you most important stakeholders.

To avoid your compensation policies being abused, you should seek advice from your advisors, including your attorney, on how to settle fairly without the need to go for the lengthy and resource-draining lawsuit process.

As an employee, when you feel that you are mistreated by your employer with regard to work-related accidents, be sure to use the service of solicitors specializing in accident/medical claims. Going solo and facing head-to-head with your company’s execs is not recommended for some obvious reasons.

Please be aware, what you read in this article is not an advice; for one, you should contact a reputable solicitor or law firm.