Doing A Photo Book For Your Business In 2013? Read This First

It now, rather obvious that many people have taken so much interest in creating photo books. The fact that photo book has been associated with personal mementos like wedding ceremonies, birthday events, camping, and other personal events has finally started to change.

Many people have started printing photo books for their businesses; some do this while launching a new business, some made photo books to hand at chance meetings, others use it in their office waiting rooms or give it to their employees and clients as gifts. The results these businesses seem to be getting from the use of photo books (at least as it looked to us) has made other businesses both small and large to want to try their hands with this marketing strategy – to see, exactly how much value it can add. And among other business marketing strategies, it has been very effective.

corporate photobook

However, before you jump on this bandwagon and go overboard with online photo book (the easiest approach to a well designed and printed photo book); there are a few things you need to understand about the use of photo books for business. Remember you are not recording your family camping in memory neither is this about the record of your son’s birthday event. This is business, and if you want to make the most out of it, you need to treat it like one and give it your attention.

First, do you know what a well designed and printed photo book is? Well, I will start with what it is not.

It Is Not Just a Collection of Images

Yes, we all have family photo albums at home and we know what they look like. So why don’t we just call this a photo album for your business? Simple: there is a difference between a photo book and a photo album. A photo album is a collection of photos that may not even take any arrangement, but a photo book on the other hand is designed to tell a story. It explains something in detail:

As a whole, a photo book is a comprehensive explanation of an object, a product, an event, or a service. The individual photos are different parts of the story and if, by any chance, the order of the photos are altered, it will destroy (or at least change) the message the book is trying to portray.

This calls for the right orderliness when creating photo book. Don’t end up confusing your clients and potential customers by randomly putting an image wherever you deem fit. It has to be done in a way it actually gives a meaning of something. Do you want to make a photo book to portray the product history of your company? Don’t take the supposedly first photo to the mid position or the last to the first position. The idea is to engage your clients, and you are doing everything but engaging them with this presentation method.

Done With the Best Out of a Whole

Have you ever seen a picture and you were like; oh this photographer didn’t try at all! Hello! Am I the only person that has seen such images with black lines, blurred corners and almost pink eye balls and stuffs like that? You sure don’t want to bring such images near your photo book; especially one you are using for business campaign.

You have to use sharp, full color images that will actually show your products in a smart and enticing way. From experience, I found that shooting different views of the product and later selecting the best out of a set works best.

The Book Quality Spells Out the Wit of Your Business

This talks about the quality of the final product which is a function of the clarity of the image, how detailed yet summarized your descriptions were and the paper quality. The truth is most clients and potential customers will tend to compare the seriousness of your company with the quality of every product that comes from it; which a photo book is undoubtedly one. And I agree! If you can’t make the best out of a photo book, how then would you be able to offer me the best services? Whether you like it or not, businesses are being judged like this every day and you need to take advantage of it to make a remarkable first impression with a high quality, well designed and printed photo book.

It has become obvious that photo book for business can help gain your products and brand more exposure. It is therefore good you start taking advantage of it. But this is not something you can just do to your taste; it has to be done to the benefit of your business. And the tips I just shared with you, will help you make the most of this campaign strategy. If you have one of the best small business ideas in 2013, make this one of your campaign strategy and share the result with us.

About the Author: Steven Papas is an avid blogger who loves writing on trending technological and entrepreneurial topics. He is also the owner of where he shares software reviews and discount coupons. You can hit him up on twitter @StevenPapas.