Personal Development

Discipline: A Must-Have Trait for Entrepreneurs

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Stupid is the New Smart!

“A lot of people thought it sounded stupid… Even some of our engineers weren’t interested.” – Biz Stone, cofounder of Twitter Have you ever pitched a business idea to your… Read more »

There is Never a Wrong Age to Start a Business

The popular image of the successful entrepreneur is the young 20-something whizz-kid, who sleeps all day and has his bright ideas at 2 a.m. By contrast, most people assume that… Read more »

5 Athletes Turned Successful Entrepreneurs

Pro athletes will inevitably reach a time in their lives when pristine athletic ability will not continue to be their main source of income. When this time comes, it falls… Read more »

Lowering your Tax Bill by Claiming Expenses

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Online Business Valuation: Any Solutions Available?

The recent article by Mark Cohen in the New York Times titled “Do You Know What Your Business is Worth? You Should” contained a number of relevant insights related to… Read more »

How Reading Body Language Can Help Your Business

Being able to read body language is very important in business today. Managers are able to close sales and read deception by being able to decipher body language. Reading non-verbal… Read more »

Entrepreneurship and the Law

Giving up a comfortable job to establish a new career is tough, but one that holds inexplicable appeal for an entrepreneur. In the initial stages, when you are full of… Read more »

Building a Business Around Helping Others

When you build your business around the concept of helping others, everyone benefits. There are many health related projects businesses can adopt to help their local community. These businesses may… Read more »

How to Make Sure Your Event or Meeting is ‘Green’

Sustainability and going green are buzzwords around corporate events meetings, but putting these into practice can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. The key thing is to… Read more »