5 Events for Newbie Startup Entrepreneurs

There are thousands of new startups that launch and fizzle out each and every month, offering proof positive that you’re going to need an extra edge if you plan to be successful in selling your idea to the world at large. Whether you’re pushing a virtual product, a new and innovative service, or anything else, you’ll need to utilize all of the tools at your disposal in order to make your idea really work for you.

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In order to stay on the cutting edge of what it takes to make your new startup endeavor work, check out any of these five events for newbie startup entrepreneurs when working on your business travel schedule for this year:

1. Startup L.A.

Startup L.A.

Hosted with resources allocated under The Startup America Partnership initiative founded by President Barack Obama and former AOL Chairman Steve Case, you can count on Startup L.A. to provide you with everything you need to make a push for success with your young business.

Besides offering unending networking opportunities, you’ll also have access to valuable resources and unbeatable professional insight as you work with a group of people who want nothing more than to see you succeed!

When and Where: The events put together by the people at Startup LA take place on a regular basis around the city, coming together with the many other conferences in the region that promise to make you better in every aspect of your entrepreneurial game. If you need accommodations while you’re in the city, you’ll find great rates on the best hotels at LosAngelesHotels.org.

2. Startup Weekend Orlando

Startup Weekend Orlando

The Startup Weekend series of events is well-known to newbies and old pros alike when it comes to launching successful new businesses, and this year’s Orlando event promises to be one of the best ever held, offering more workshops and startup showcases than you can shake a stick at!

When and Where: Hit the sandy beaches, warm temperatures, and business-friendly atmosphere of Orlando, Florida, on April 12, 2013 in order to attend this iteration of the Startup Weekend series of events.

3. Startup Day 2013

Startup Day 2013

More than 600 sharp-minded entrepreneurs will descend on Stockholm for Startup 2013, including a mix of business newbies and long-entrenched corporate figures, each of whom is eager to share their wisdom and expertise in order to help you to get your business off of the ground, and fast.

When and Where: Take the opportunity to make a stop in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden on April 20, 2013, giving you access to not only startup insight and expertise, but rich northern European history and visual delights, as well.

4. Think Startups

Think Startups

Working to prove that there is much more to being profitable in business than just having a great idea, England’s Think Startups conference will help to give you an overview of the long list of skills that you’ll need to work on in order to maximize your business’ chances, allowing you to hear from some of the biggest names in a variety of industries in order to pass along both insight and inspiration.

When and Where: A visit to Leeds, England is in order if you’d like to join in with your colleagues in planning, plotting, and learning from the group’s combined expertise at Think Startups on May 18, 2013.

5. Ottawa Startup Festival

Ottawa Startup Festival

Like its Orlando counterpart mentioned above, the Ottawa Startup Festival is run under the Startup Weekend umbrella, so you can be sure that only the best of the best will be working to make this event a worthwhile one for entrepreneurs and startup newbies who want to get their feet wet and their hands dirty in the name of financial success!

When and Where: Hit up the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, Ontario on May 24, 2013, and that city’s unique Startup Festival will be available to you from start to finish!

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