3 Underrated Skills You Need to Steer a Successful Business

Who doesn’t want to succeed?   Well I guess everyone does.   To succeed in business is even more important simply because failure comes with undesirable financial implications.   One can have an endless list of must have qualities for an entrepreneur and still not have enough qualities on that list.

Success doesn’t come easy but it need not come with great difficulty either.   I would say there are 3 skills every entrepreneur needs to succeed in business, skills which are grossly underrated, often overlooked but very valuable.   Here’s my take on these 3 critical success factors:



As a new business owner or an old hand who is looking to diversify investigative skills are really important.   In Bollywood’s recent blockbuster “Kai Po Che” three friends set out to establish and run a sports shop and a sports academy in a temple complex.   The movie begins with one of them asking a friend’s father for a loan and the father asks him how he thinks this business will thrive?

To this his simple response is, most people who visit the temple come with children and every child wants something to do?   What better than sports to attract and retain their interest?   After all kids will be kids!

This is why I think investigating the possibility of a business is the first skills one needs to possess.   You have to delve in to what people are looking for and how you can give them a perfect solution.


Getting the best deal is as important as giving the best deal.   For any business to succeed you should be able to get things at the best possible price for yourself, whether you are sourcing raw material, shipping products or taking a loan, getting the best deal is the key.

Don’t be afraid to bargain.   If a store wants to stock your products you have every right to say how much of a mark down you’ll give them.   Remember, if you don’t value your work no one else will.   Negotiate you way to success.


Sometimes we give up too easily and that makes all the difference.   If you want success, there are obviously no short cuts.   You have to work with the end in mind.   Don’t let anyone else deter you, heed advice but listen to your inner voice.

When doubts, misgivings and fear cloud your thoughts, shut out the noise and listen to your voice.   You’ll know what to do.

Excelling in business is not a cake walk but it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly difficult.   Looking beneath the surface, scratching it, driving a hard bargain and never giving up should get you there.