Discover the 6 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Event Promotion Targeted and Social

LinkedIn is the #1 website for business networking. With over 200 million members LinkedIn is a ready-made address book, packed with contacts, waiting to be opened, if you know where to begin.

LinkedIn’s not just a place to post your CV or resume but a living, breathing community or people waiting to connect or hear about opportunities. Thanks to the community, promoting your event can also be efficiently and effectively done.

linkedin event promotion
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This blog post will guide to promote your event better, in such a way that not only buzz, you will also get sign-ups.

Top 6 Tips for Promoting Your Event on LinkedIn

1. Company Page

Do you have a company page with a following? The simplest way to raise awareness is by updating your LinkedIn company page.

Ensure your update is effective by defining your audience (that way the right people are more likely to read your update). Keep it concise and with a clear call to action. Use some techniques to make your message stand out (perhaps captialise one word, or ask a question?). And naturally, include a link to your event registration page.

2. Personal Updates

Have you got a fair amount of LinkedIn connections? Update your Linkedin with engaging an insightful updates to drive people to you registration page. Launching LinkedIn polls can also drive interest; don’t forget to start a discussion on the results – and don’t forget adding a short message with a link to your event.

3. Messages

Sending direct messages is often overlooked because it takes time to implement, but this has generated amazing results for me.

Keep the message quick and benefit lead, send to connections who are likely to be interested and wait for the attendees to pour in. (It’s worth noting that you can only message 50 people at a time, so it takes a bit of monotonous clicking to send a lot messages!).

4. LinkedIn Groups

Is your event targeted at a particular sector, location or network? Join relevant groups and strike up interesting discussions around your event.

5. LinkedIn Ads

What’s great is you can pin-point exactly who will see your ad with LinkedIn’s data. Choose from company size, location, seniority and job title. This is a great way to back up your free LinkedIn activity.

6. Leverage Speaker’s Networks

Your speaker’s are likely to have engaged networks, interested in event’s they’re appearing or speaking at. Ask them to share your event and increase your campaign’s reach.

So to summarise, be social, be targeted and use what LinkedIn has to offer!

About the Author: This article was provided by global events management agency Banks Sadler.