Using Facebook to Promote Your Event – Five Handy Hints

Planning an event often requires considerable resource and expenditure. As a result of this, it is key that your event is actively promoted in order to maximise return. Companies often allocate significant budgets to organising events, therefore the cost effective medium of Facebook is an ideal platform to look at when considering promotional activity.

Using social media to promote an event can offer a great return on investment and should not be ignored. Facebook offers an Event app which enables companies and individuals alike the scope to create and highlight events to followers.

facebook event app
photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

Please note that in order to make the most of your promotion, you need to do things right. You need to be able to cater the right audience and “pitch” to them with the right messages. You definitely need to strategise.

Here are five handy hints to consider when using Facebook’s Event app:

Content is King

The key when promoting an event through Facebook is to keep the content engaging, so as to generate interest, excitement and of course, participation in the event. Clearly highlight the call to action (usually a URL) in several positions, as sign-up is key.

Maximise Your Resources

Ensure that adequate resource is tasked with monitoring and administrating your event page, as prompt responses and the frequent addition of new material are critical factors to consider when trying to engage with your audience.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Engagement is key, you need to ensure that your attendees are talking and interacting on your page. Competitions and polls are great for establishing this. You could even offer tickets to your event as competition prizes.

Look to use striking imagery which will also help to attract attention.

Event Ambassadors

If your event involves any key figures or presenters of note, ensure that this collaboration is highlighted on your event page and if possible that they participate in conversations on the page, as this should undoubtedly create added interest.

Don’t Forget the Thank You’s!

Ensure that you use Facebook in order to thank each person that attended your event, as this is a nice touch, which is often overlooked.

In addition to the thank you message, you could also use this communication to obtain feedback from your attendees, which could prove to be beneficial in the future.

These handy tips were provided by the kind folks at Meetings Four You, who run a premium conference venue in Bristol – find them at