The Marketing Opportunities of The LIKE Button and How Social Media Can Translate to Income

Social media is without a doubt one of the most important elements that come into play on the marketing side of business. The impact social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter have at an advertising level can be groundbreaking, the reason for which many companies and business initiatives are fighting over the ear of users active on these platforms.

Facebook Like icon button

Promoting Services

Big companies don’t look at expenses when it comes to promoting their services or goods on platforms like Facebook because the sheer intangible reach of the social media giant is more than able to make up for whatever investment was put down initially.  The best thing of all, Facebook advertising is still very much under-priced, which explains the big guys’ investment on the platform.

Social media platform hold a resource that any company is dying for: people. Without people, business is obsolete. As the prime resource and driving force behind business, people and the social networks they choose have a deep impact on the shaping of modern day marketing and consumer reach techniques.

Increasing Fan Base

On Facebook, receiving many “Likes” on your photo or post will have fellow Facebook users, and social peers regard you as important, popular, worth listening to or even cool. Basically, it’s like high-school all over again, except this time the financial rankings of the world’s top firms from any domain hang in the balance.

Like Exchange

Due to the importance of the “Likes” in Facebook. Some creative businesses use services provided by companies such as Like 4 Like to provide them with much sought after digital resources in the forms of Likes. They use a merit-based system that revolves around Like exchange which is different from the various Like bot features you might have heard of.  A bit on the dark side, but it’s a very much legitimate way to gain quite a following.

You should try using such service, but please bear in mind that for the ability to target a certain demographic characteristic, Facebook ads might be a better solution.

Facebook Like poster
photo credit: Adam Fagen / Flickr

Social Spectrum Experience

Ultimately, it all comes down to which company is able to attract the social spectrum of the digital world first and rake the benefits of having a wider reach on the public. What you can take away is the fact that the mere concept of a Like has been transformed into a business opportunity that looks to raise the value of the “thumbs up” symbol into a currency in its own right.

As worldwide marketing continues to draw from the potency of the social media pipeline, we can expect social media websites to continue offering the necessary tools for a business owner to boost their follower count considerably and seamlessly. From small businesses to fully fledged enterprises, all levels of business can profit off of deep seeded networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.