Buy Instagram Likes with Instant Delivery: Legit?

Are you a business owner? If yes, then for sure, you must be aware of the importance of good exposure in the market. In this competitive era where the number of business owners is increasing at an exponential rate, it is important to keep one updated with new and latest marketing tools. But why the latest marketing tools?

One of the biggest reasons is the fact that the marketing world keeps changing rapidly.  To reach out to the potential buyers and customers, you need to develop a plan that adopts relevant strategies and tactics, as well as using the right tools to execute the plan.

Social media marketing

Beat the market with social media

Unfortunately, the market is very much unforgiving. If you are a newbie in the field of online business, then you must learn about the importance of online exposure for keeping your business afloat in this tough market.

One of the most popular ways is to leverage social media for your business marketing needs. By using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites, you can quickly engage with your potential customers.

A focus on Instagram

You should consider using Instagram for engaging with more and more people and spreading the word about your service or product. Many businesses have done so.

Instagram app on smartphone

There are some reasons Instagram should be your number one social network for promoting your business – even compared to Facebook:

  • Instagram is easier to use than Facebook: Just sign up, post picture or video, and engage your prospects – all can be done just in minutes.
  • Instagram is picture-heavy, which means that it’s a better place to feature the photos of your products/services to a new audience.  Facebook is arguably friends-heavy, and it’s a place for mainly catching up, not engaging strangers to care about your business.
  • You can add filters to your photos on Instagram, not on Facebook.   You can make your product photos fancier like a pro.
  • You can get more engagement on Instagram – more likes and comments than Facebook.
  • …and so on.

Growing your Instagram audience

To make your promotional effort worth your while, you will have to ensure that the message which you have goes to the potential customers. For doing this, you will need a good number of Instagram followers.  Gaining considerable following is a big first step to Instagram success.

Unfortunately, getting followers is not that easy. Gaining likes is not easier, either. In case if you are new to Instagram then you will have to wait for months – even years – to find an adequate number of followers and gain considerable engagement in the form of likes and comments.  You can always speed things up using proper tagging, improving your image quality, and so on.  But to achieve even faster, you need a different tactic.

Instagram likes

One of the legitimate-but-a-bit-controversial tactics is by buying Instagram likes.  However, before you buy likes from active Instagram followers, there are a few things which you should consider for making the deal worth spending on:

1. Choose real Instagram followers

Companies like the Vibbi Company offers you active and real Instagram followers. You no need to worry about their services they are providing you real and active followers with a genuine account. It helps you to spread a message about your product or service to the actual public.

2. Choose instant delivery

The service should be provisioned quickly so that you can move on to do other important things for your business brand, like engaging new followers.

3. Shop around

Believe it or not, there are plenty of companies offering instant Instagram likes. However, not many of them are providing the services in quality.  You should shop around, and test with a small purchase to see the quality of your following.


Relying on one or two tactics alone is never a good idea. You need to try many things – keep the useful ones and discard the rest; rinse and repeat.  This also holds true when you choose an Instagram, follower supplier.  Try several companies, and monitor the quality of the followers. Choose the one that offers real, quality Instagram likes from the Instagrammers who actually care about what you’re posting.

Snapping for the Insta

Words of caution

At the end of the day, buying Instagram likes can only take you so far, but not as far as your brand image and product/service quality.  That said, when you’re amassing an adequate following, make sure you offer value to them.  Pitching them all the time with your marketing message is the worst idea of all.  Give value, engage your followers, and then feature your stuff.

Good luck in your Instagramming endeavor!