Social Media Bots and How They Operate Within The Social Side of Cyber-space

Social media plays a big role in today’s marketing and brand presence across the globe. Social presence helps establish brand recognition in different parts of the world but it is also a gateway for brand content to flow through and in return to benefit from consumer interest.

Success on a social media platform can easily translate into success in the real world, and companies are always looking for new innovative ways in which they can boost their Like numbers or gain more followers. While some are displaying appropriate numbers for their level of business, other brands are abnormally ahead and peak the curiosity of their industry peers.

Many are very interested on how their competitors are able to score so many followers in relatively short periods of time. One thing they probably didn’t take into consideration is bots.


What is social media bots?

Did you know that some of those social media followers that you have might have been bots? Social media bots are basically algorithm that works in social media platforms, acting as real users.  Not only name and appearance, their social media “activities” mimic real human activities.  Unlike what you assume, these bots portray social media users in a near-perfect way.

There are many  tips on  how to get Instagram followers – one of them is by using Instagram bots. Typically, Instagram bots main features consists of those that will ‘like’ (vote) your every post.

But why are businesses using those bots?

Here are some of the things that social media bots do that attract big business from companies looking to boost their profile page.

Instant accolades

Social media bots instantly grant users the gratifications that come with each respective platform. This saves invaluable amounts of time and completely reduces the works otherwise required to reach certain numbers.

The features enable the user of a bot service to go from incognito to Facebook’s most loved in just a matter of moments. This is something that attracts many people therefore there are many users that look to benefit from the services of a social media bot.

Instant followers

Social media websites come with the concept of followers which basically means that the more followers you have, the more people will see when you post something new. Businesses are highly interested in this feature as it allows them to instantly access a huge database of people they are sure will see their promotions and advertisement.

Sky-high ROI

The difference in investment costs between traditional advertisement and social media bot-enhanced advertisement is almost infinite. The latter solution will always pull miles ahead of the former, as it is virtually free for a company to employ and then deploy such follower gaining method without the necessity of any additional content posted on their profile.

Social media doodle


You can use social media bots to do anything you like – even spamming, scamming, and influencing opinion. Their ‘siblings’ – chatbots – can also do similar things, but in a more customer service way.

For better or worse, the bots are here to stay, and whether you should use them or not,  the decision is yours.  Ethical issue aside, with all the upsides, businesses should be tempted to use them.

Are you?