Top Ways Businesses Can Cut Back on Paper Usage

In today’s digital world, there just isn’t the need to burn through reams and reams of paper. Businesses can save paper by doing everything from using emails to communicate to billing electronically. But the best part about going increasingly paperless, besides helping the environment, is that it saves you money.

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Reuse old paper

Not the same as recycling, reusing old paper means taking those sheets of paper that didn’t print right, old handouts, and memos, and finding ways they can be used again. One neat idea is to turn these old sheets of paper into notepads.

When test printing, make sure to use both sides, and printing in draft mode also helps to save ink.

Make full use of paperless technologies

cloud storage
Keep your files in the cloud instead of on paper – images courtesy of DDPavumba,

Take full advantage of digital, paperless technologies. Such technologies include:

  • Email
  • Electronic billing
  • Digital note-taking (using your laptop or smartphone instead of paper)
  • Digital data management, like keeping your records on computer instead of filing them on paper
  • Scanning documents instead of copying them
  • Sending faxes electronically
  • Processing credit cards online

While most businesspeople rely on email instead of sending letters via snail mail, some of the other things on this list may be less frequently used in your business.

Electronic invoicing and payments can now all be done by email instead of USPS. Use you smartphone instead of a traditional notepad. If you have to send a fax, do it on your computer to save the printing of the pages. And instead of using an old school credit card machine, which utilizes paper and carbon copies, accept credit cards online, which is not only eco-friendly but also extremely convenient for your customers.

Digital files and forms

digital files
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Nowadays, more people exchange their business information online, by email, and in places like LinkedIn and Facebook. Unlike a business card, which can get lost, exchanging digital information is there to stay.

Have customers fill out forms online instead of on paper. Today, more documents are filled out and submitted online than by hand. This saves paper and makes for a more efficient way of filing information.

Storing all your files digitally not only saves paper; it makes it easier to find the thing(s) for which you’re looking.

Make use of GreenPrint software

Not only does GreenPrint software save paper, it helps with the frustration of printing all those useless pages.

How many times have you gone to print an email only to have three to five more pages pop out with senseless ads all over them? GreenPrint, and software like it, will prompt you when these wasteful pages come up and help you print just the pages you need.

By following these tips, your business can cut back on paper, saving both money and the environment.

About the Author: Phil Loyd has been writing professionally for over thirty years. He specializes in financial articles as well as general marketing content about businesspeople such as Steve Wynn.