Video Marketing Trends Your Video Production Team Should Follow

Online video success has been overwhelmingly increasing day by day, and small businesses are surely jumping on the bandwagon. As a small business owner you are aware of all the marketing tools, including social media that boosts the awareness of your company. What you may not know yet is the enormous amount of success associated with online video marketing – if you know how to it properly. Get ready to jump into the lucrative world of video marketing success with great video production.

video producttion
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Although social media is an incredible way to promote your business and will surely bring in positive revenue and statistics, it is not the only opportunity out there. There are many opportunities available that basically put a twist on social media by adding amazing videos that create a new dynamic form of your marketing strategy.

Video marketing trends for 2013

Ad campaigns are an amazing way to efficiently market your small business, this you probably already know, video ads are making their mark in this category. There are several video marketing trends that, as a small business owner, you will want to be aware of:

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube is THE advertising platform of the future for small businesses. It’s affordable and considering the reach, it can offer you good ROI. If purchasing video ads isn’t up your alley, then appropriately using YouTube for its outstanding video sharing capabilities is another amazing opportunity to take advantage of. Find what message you want to get out to the world, work in some creative brilliance and watch the sharing unfold.

Video SEO

Now video is the new player that’s going to disrupt the SEO industry. Today, search engine bots aren’t just reading your content, they’re watching your videos and transcribing the spoken words. Almost overnight, pages that have relevant videos are ranking higher.

Social media analytics for videos

Brands now partner with video tech companies like Unruly, to help them understand the impact of their video marketing campaigns. The video social media analytic technology tracks the impact of branded video content across paid, owned, and earned media sites, so that marketers can gauge interest in their video content and compare their buzz to that of their competitors.

Interactive online video advertising

If you thought that you could simply create a so-so video, paste it at YouTube, add tags, and invite some to watch it, you will be disappointed with the results. You need to go for interactive online video advertising where viewers will not be mere spectators, but participators. Let them download, click for more info, share with friends, get special discount, play a game, etc. – you want to create enough excitement to ensure that your video goes viral.


What’s working before, might no longer work today. Funny cat, Harlem Shake parody, etc. are still interesting, but people are growing tired of them. You need to adopt blue ocean strategy, where you try something new that no business has ever done before. How about funny goat? Or something else interesting? It’s wise to spend your time and money on discovering what would work in the near future.