Tips for Business Travelers

Every so often, business people travel for work and in most cases traveling for a few days. If you’re of that rare breed in between who aren’t expats but are staying for an extended period of time (anywhere between weeks to a few months), it’s time to plan the logistics of an extended stay. Here are a few tips to keep your sanity and make your next trip on the company’s dime a success.

business travel tips
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Become comfortable with the area you’ll be located in. If you’re able to, find yourself an extended stay hotel or better yet, a premier executive suite. You can always find great location specific suites that provide comfortable dwellings for less than a big hotel chain. Familiarize yourself with the area for great restaurants, coffee shops and transportation available.


In these rough economic times, many have cut company spending. Traveling to new exotic locations might be tempting to spend and splurge for your loved ones back home. Your wallet will thank you later if you set a personal budget on your travel allowance.


Even though work comes first, that doesn’t mean you’re on call 24/7 because you’re not “home”. Plan your entertainment if you’re not going out on the town so if you don’t already have Netflix, you should get it. And if you’re not a homebody, you can use Yelp and Urbanspoon to find the best restaurants in town for a gastronomic experience, find out if certain bands are in town, etc.


Connect with as many people as you can. As you are there to represent your company and make an impression, look as polished and presentable as you can while meeting clients. Dress and pack with that in mind so although you will be staying in town for longer than a few days, make sure to pack a few more suits than you would otherwise. The advantage of staying more than a few days also allows you to build stronger relationships with clients and make new friends.


Organize your luggage so you won’t have to bring unnecessary things. If you’ve booked your stay with an extended stay hotel like Roseman’s premier executive suits, you won’t have to worry much about missing amenities like laundry services, a fully furnished office, etc. That means packing light and selecting the right clothes for your extended trip. Also, store items like USB cables, connectors in designated locations, it makes it that much easier to locate them. Make sure you bring the right electrical plug adapters as well, there’s nothing worse than bringing your gear and realizing it doesn’t fit in the outlets!

Finally, make sure you eat properly while on your extended trip. It’s easy to splurge and eat out more often than you would normally. If you’ve booked an executive suite with access to a kitchen, prepare home cooked meals. Make sure you get a minimum amount of sleep as well. It is sometimes so easy to throw body and soul into your work with nobody around to remind you to take a break.

About the Author: This article is provided by Ella Dunzelman