Terrific Online Tools for Small Businesses

One of the most frequently asked questions by small business owners involves the type of products and vendors that are used. Small business owners are constantly looking for available ways to find the best products and vendors. Being a small business owner myself I know the importance of having the right tools. I will now share with you my top thirty terrific tools that can help small businesses grow. Simply click on the links to see my thoughts and comments on each small business tool.

business tools

Finance Related

Freshbooks: This program is simple to use and can assist you in many needs that your business may have. Invoices, time track capabilities and expense reports can be completed and managed using this convenient tool.

Expensify: This program allows you to track every aspect of your expense account and stay on top of your finances. Finances are the most crucial aspect of any small business. 

Customer Service Support

ZenDesk: This program can be used to connect all your customer service capabilities to one interface so that you can better serve your customers and offer a higher level of customer satisfaction.

SurveyMonkey: Using this tool, you can construct free surveys that can offer your small business important feedback. Surveys allow you to gain knowledge that can be used to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Staff Support

ZipRecruiter: With the assistance of this tool you will be able to find and hire more skilled and trained professionals. There is no easier way to find good worker than with this program.

Intelius: This tool allows you to research prospective employees before you make a hiring decision. This includes important information on criminal records and a complete background check. This will ensure that your employees meet your requirements.

AnyPerk: Employees are most effective when they are motivated and rewarded. Therefore this tool can be used to give your best employees discount incentives. You can get these discounts at reduced rates and they are beneficial to your employees. 

Law Related Aspects of Small Business

Legal Zoom Business Attorney Plan: This tool will allow you to gain real attorney advice for a much more affordable rate. This advice can be used for various types of documents and other legal work.

Docusign: Using this method you can attain eSignatures that as secure and valid. This is the easiest way to obtain signatures in the most productive manner.

Trademarkia: You can verify your businesses logo and name to ensure it is not already chosen. This will save you many headaches and legal battles in the future.


Highrise: An organizational tool that allows you to store important information of your past clients. Therefore, you will always have future leads.

Leads360: This program is specially designed to give you leads that have a high rate of success. These leads are specifically developed to yield high conversion rates.

BidSketch: This program allows you to create proposals quickly that can be approved with client signatures. You can draft these proposals using the highest levels of convenience.


MailChimp: This tool simplifies email marketing and allows you to customize the entire process.

SpyFu: You can use this tool to compare your SEO content to that of your competitors.

HubSpot: A software tool that is specifically designed to give you improved SEO and blogging capabilities. 


Yammer: Share content and ideas with others internationally.

Carbonite: Cheap cloud storage space that is large enough to hold lots of information and data.

Trello: Store All of your projects in one location and have them organized and easily accessible.

Web Design

Balsamiq: Present ideas on a virtual whiteboard so that they are visible for everyone. This tool is inventive and extremely popular.

99Designs: Offer design contests that will allow you to see great ideas from people that are looking at your business from a different angle.

Amazon Web Services: Your entire business can perform from cloud applications.

E- Commerce

Recurly: Necessary assistance for any business with reoccurring offers.

Shopify: This program will allow you to sell all over the world

Vendio: An available way to sell on many different platforms. 


UserTesting: Use this tool to get real and informative feedback that can be beneficial. Customer feedback is pivotal to the success of any small business and this is the best way to attain feedback from consumers.

Jira: This program will inform you of any program problems before they become evident, which will allow you to correct them quickly.

MixPanel: A web based measuring tool that focuses on users and their preferences. 

About the Author: Adam Chronister is director and co-founder of Accelerated Freelance, an award winning Spokane Internet marketing & web design firm. You can find him on Google Google+ and Twitter.