Online Security Standards and Safe Business

As much as everyone understands the need for security online, how much do you know about what specific standards or qualifications you should be looking for?

There are many types of certificates and levels of security out there, but only some are arguably worth looking into. Some, such as PCI DSS, are legal requirements in certain areas whilst others, such as ISO 27005, are standards that many will look for and arguably expect. For any business, it helps to understand and obtain both.

online security standards
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Debit and Credit Transactions

If you want to use debit and credit transactions online, you need the relevant security standards to do so. As such, if this is important to your company, then you need to obtain PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is the level of online security needed to transact cards safely online. As such, it’s something your customers, or other potential businesses and parties, will be looking for. If you don’t have this, you can’t use cards online and that, in many cases, will be a missed opportunity for businesses.

Safety Standards

Likewise, there are other standards that aren’t strictly needed, but it’s worth looking into obtaining. These standards reflect the level of your online safety; not only will they ensure you’re safe online but it also helps encourage customers and other businesses into using your company. After all, when it comes to entering personal data online, people want to know it is going somewhere trusted (thus the need for the likes of PCI DSS). As for you, it helps to know your website is secure and no one can access it without the relevant permissions.

One of the best currently recognised standards is ISO27005. It looks at various areas, such as personal security, physical security and environmental security before awarding you the certificate, ensuring that you know when you’re compliant.

Obtaining such a certificate doesn’t just let you know how safe you are, it can be used to advertise your safety, as it is recognised by many as a high level of data security. When it comes to working with other parties, this is something any business will want to display, yet it’s especially important for those with a greater online presence.

Of course, as you can likely tell, these two also go very well together and send a good message to any potential customer. As such, they are something you should always strive to have and be up to date with.

About the Author: This article is provide by Ginnie Richards