Flight Of The Brand-Logistics

Creating an online business is not as difficult or expensive as you may think but there are a few logistics to consider. In this article I will talk about the brand logistics and pre flight checks you need to perform prior to jumping in and creating your website.

flight of the brand logistics

Find A Niche

You can create an online business about absolutely anything. I would suggest starting a business about a subject you are passionate about. This will keep you interested and keep the site going. The most common mistake, and the reason why most Internet marketing businesses fail, is due to the owner losing interest in their subject.

You now need to double-check other people are searching for your niche subject. The whole idea of creating an online business is to get visitors. The chances are people will be interested in your niche. Getting an idea on how many people perform searches on Google will help generate your Internet marketing strategy and stay in control of your advertising budget. Knowing how many people are searching for your keywords each month will give a rough idea of the amount of traffic your website will be generating each month.

Internet Marketing Strategy

This is very important! Many people do not create an Internet marketing strategy prior to launching a website and this is why many fail. In your strategy you need to create a 12-month plan, which includes your budget and how many hours a week you can put in to working on your site. Working on a niche with a medium-hard competition will require roughly 5-10 hours per week and approximately £100 per month advertising budget.

internet marketing strategy

The first few weeks will be difficult but stick at it. It does take a few weeks to get the hang of Internet marketing but trust me, it does get easier. The same with anything in life, the more you do it, the better you get and the quicker you can complete the tasks outlined in your Internet marketing strategy.

Think Of A Brand Name

Creating a brand for your online business is key to gaining website traffic. Have a think on a few brand names that are catchy and loosely connected to the niche you have selected from above.

Once you have decided on a niche your need to make sure your brand is available. Before you even purchase a domain, perform the below checks to ensure your brand is available on the web.

  • Search a domain provider to see if a .com and .co.uk domain is available.
  • Begin the proceedings of creating a Twitter account and check if your brand is available.
  • Begin the proceedings of creating a Facebook account and check if your brand is available.

Protecting your brand is very important and you need to ensure that all the above are available. You do not want to create a successful website and somebody searching your brand and stealing valuable traffic as you haven’t followed the above to secure your brand.

start building your site

Once you have checked the logistics of creating your brand and all the above elements have a tick next to them, you can now start creating your website and start earning money online!

About the Author: The article is written by Kev Massey. I am the Marketing Manager at SixtyMarketing in the UK and love writing articles for beginners looking to make money through the Internet.

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