Making Your Inbox Work for You

We’ve all been there, you haven’t looked at your works email over the weekend and you open it to find a barrage of spam messages that you now have to spend your Monday morning sifting through.

An inbox can easily become like a cupboard in which everyone’s clutter is thrown, that you don’t wish to stare into too long, otherwise you’ll get the full gist of the damage done. Spending time on seeing if there is anything in there of actual value could equally be spent on more important tasks.

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The role of your inbox should be to keep you in the loop with clients, employees and potential communications that could be important to your business. However, this often becomes secondary to the clearing of spam and general maintenance. This is why it is time to claim your inbox back and make sure that your email account works for you instead of the other way around.

Start afresh by creating a completely new email address. A new address is a clean break from the promotions and third party advertisements that may have crept into the account that you’ve had for nearly a decade. This is a good way to get started on proper habits of inbox health without having to worry about the mess of before and you can always set up a rule that forwards messages from specific people to your new account if you’re worried about missing anything.

Choosing a good operating system is also important. The use of cloud email security with an MS Office 365 account is an effective way to make sure your inbox is now a secure and protected account. The software accompaniment provides an easily managed system of archiving past emails and vastly improves the email management experience; it also helps to filter out those annoying spam messages and get to the most importance correspondence more quickly.

Having a back-up address is also an effective tool. This can act as a lightning rod for sites that set off the alarm of possibly being gates to a world of promotional content. If you’re looking to set up a profile on a website that you’re unsure of, then you can use this secondary address to test the waters. If all is fine then you can easily change over the email address on your profile, if not then you have successfully dodged the spam bullet.

Your email inbox should be more treasure than trash and these steps are a good start to bringing back your email as a force for your own personal gain, instead of the cupboard that you dread having to open.

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