Increasing Profits: How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Make More Money

With today’s difficult economy, it is extremely essential for businesses to keep their employees satisfied. When staff members are happy with their jobs, they are also loyal and productive. What this means for you in the long-term is the opportunity in increasing profits, which is, of course, the goal of any company today.

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Benefits of Happy Employees

When employees are not happy with their work, they often feel unappreciated. Thus, they lack motivation. This can seriously hurt your business. On the other hand, studies show that satisfied staff members perform much better, miss less work, are willing to accept changes and are motivated to see results.
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Furthermore, happy employees are most likely to be proud of their work and are willing to set their goals high. They enjoy what they do and look forward to going to work. They also feel important to their team and get along with their coworkers much better than unhappy employees. However, just how can you keep your employees happy? Read on to find out.

Be Firm Without Being an Ogre

A big part of being a boss is being firm and establishing that you are the person in charge. However, put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Would you want to work for an ogre? Be clear about your expectations as to what needs to be accomplished and when, but do not humiliate, embarrass or upset your staff.

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This is not to say that you should let poor performance go unnoticed. By all means, poor performance should not be allowed. Performance expectations should be written down in an employee manual and should be consistent for all staff members. If any employees break the rules, talk calmly with them alone, rather than publicly.

Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

As stated above, a happy employee is one who feels appreciated. As such, be sure to offer praise to your staff whenever they accomplish something. Additionally, give them supportive encouragement when they seem frustrated. If they do an exceptionally good job, thank them! This will let them know that they are valued team members.

When Something Goes Wrong

Always remember that your employees are only human–they will occasionally make mistakes. When your staff members make errors, do not penalize them. Rather, talk with them and teach them the proper way to do the job at hand. You should instate consequences only if the errors continue.

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Involve Your Employees With the Company

Employees who feel like they are essential to the company they work for are more apt to work harder and be more productive. With that said, get your employees involved with what is going on with your company by including them in important meetings and company functions.

During employee meetings, allow staff members to voice their concerns and opinions. This can help you in determining what will help your business’ success. Other staff-related events you may want to consider include workshops, staff parties, picnics, fairs and award ceremonies.

As an employer today, it is your responsibility to keep your employees happy. The above tips are effective ways that you can accomplish this. When you do your part to maintain employee satisfaction, you are sure to see a big difference in your staff.

About the Author: Carl is an authority on employee motivation and workplace productivity. Over the past several years, he has created incentive programs at Motivo Performance Group that boost revenue and employee retention rates.