12 Facebook Tips for Businesses

Why use Facebook to Promote your Business?

With so many social media networks out there, it can be difficult to narrow down the few that can benefit your business most. The current Big Three seem to be Facebook, Twitter and Google+, with LinkedIn not far behind. Facebook’s 1.11 billion monthly visitors is hard to ignore when it comes to advertising on a website. According to the Associated Press, Facebook’s traffic has grown over 23% in the last year. There are a number of ways to gain Likes on a Facebook Fan Page, but above all, consistency is key. Posting content, engaging with customers and providing timely responses is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a Facebook strategy.

facebook tips
photo credit: mkhmarketing

Here are 12 tips that are essential to gaining Likes to a Facebook Fan Page:

1. Change your Facebook Cover Photo

Changing the timeline cover on a fan page is a quick way to attract impressions. When the timeline cover of a fan page is changed, fans are alerted via their news feed with a post that is much larger than normal. Using breath taking imagery with a clear call to action that supports your brand is an effective way to pick up Likes, but be sure to do so in the afternoon when traffic on Facebook tends to be higher.  Here is a video on how to change your Facebook cover photo:

2. Share Posts from Other Pages

Sharing posts from other pages facilitates link building relationships with other industry professionals. For example, if your Facebook page is for a bakery, try sharing posts from food bloggers and infographics on baking. Sharing can be very useful in building your Facebook Likes, as long as the source of the content is not in competition with your page. Try this blog for an in depth look at Sharing and a few quick Facebook tricks.

3. Post Short & Useful Information

Facebook is more about being social, whereas Google+ is more for professional advertisement and engagement. With that in mind, keep your posts short and sweet with a more casual tone. Remember, people are on Facebook to be social, not to be sold things.

4. Advertise on Facebook

Promoting popular posts is an effective way to increase Likes. Keep an eye on your posts that have the most engagement and run a paid advertisement for the best one. Facebook now alerts you when you have a popular post and suggests using it as a sponsored story. Take advantage of the insight and see what happens.

5. Hire a Social Media Specialist

Social media professionals offer a nice short cut when it comes to managing multiple channels. Good online specialists are expensive, but well worth it. Adding an outside service to your social media plan can increase productivity and efficiency, so don’t over look this option when creating a Facebook strategy. Social media companies such as Evolve Online Marketing delegate ‘Community Managers’ to your Facebook page, so you basically get a full time social media manager at a fraction of the cost.

6. Cross Promote Facebook on Other Social Media Channels

Be sure to show some love to your Facebook profile on Twitter and other channels. Some people are only active on a few social media channels, so updating Twitter Followers about a recent Facebook promotion can prove to be successful.

7. Like & Comment Daily

When you Like and Comment on behalf of your business on Facebook, your viral reach is increased exponentially via the Sponsored Story feature. Try not to spam Facebook with Likes all at once, as it will result in many sponsored stories that dominate news feeds which can lead to many unhappy fans.

8. Promote Facebook on Your Website

Include a Facebook icon in the header and footer of your website that links to your company profile. If you are using WordPress, there are many social media plug ins to choose from that can enhance the user experience.

9. Link to Facebook in Blog Posts

Include a link to Facebook in the footer of blogs that entices readers to join in the social conversation with your brand on Facebook. Making the invitation unique and personal will lead to more clicks and Likes.

10. Run a Contest

Customer engagement on Facebook is key, so try running a photo contest or sweepstakes to promote your Facebook Fan Page. Be sure to review the contest guidelines of Facebook, and give it at least 30+ days to generate some steam.

11. Promote In-House (if applicable)

If your Facebook page is for a brick and mortar business, consider including in house advertisements for customers. For example, if your Facebook page is for a restaurant, include table tents, coasters or check presenter ads to promote your contest or page.

12. Diversify Content

Try to avoid simply posting a link to Facebook. Share why you are posting the link, a brief description and any necessary credits due. When designing your content strategy, try to include information useful to customers along with a healthy mix of news, general discussion and humor.

Facebook is a social media network that is here to stay, so the sooner your business joins in, the better. If your considering building a company Facebook page, consider consulting an agency for insight on social media management. Remember the main rule of thumb when marketing online: Produce unique, informative content on a regular basis while striving to help potential customers. Your hard work and time will pay off in the long run when it comes to social media and content marketing.