New Business Hitting The Big Time in Inc. 5000

Despite the financial difficulty being faced by millions of Americans every day, it’s not all negative news. In fact, new business is thriving, with many companies experiencing unprecedented growth over the past three years.

The growth of these companies has been recognised by the Inc. 5000, which profiles and awards companies all over the United States for their commitment and subsequent success.

Ranging from rankings per state to those all around the country, these businesses have made the extra effort, had the most unique idea, and have reaped the benefits of providing a business which has enticed a customer base.

Doc Popcorn

Placed at #5 in Colorado, Doc Popcorn was established by a husband-and-wife team who originally made the product in their New York City apartment! With a focus upon natural flavours and healthy snacks, the company expanded nationally.

The three-year growth was a massive 5,011% with revenue jumping from the thousands in 2009, to the multi-millions in 2012. With a friendly, family focussed ethos, Doc Popcorn has truly made its mark on the American food market, and the range of products now available will help to feed the whole family.

Home Wet Bar

In Oklahoma, Home Wet Bar hits #33 thanks to the massive growth the business experienced over the past three years. Providing gift and home ideas for men, Home Wet Bar filled a much-ignored part of the market.

home wet bar products
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Male products, drinking and entertainment are the focus of the retailer, as well as a family-friendly service which reflects the family business itself. It’s a pure American business where the workers have hands on experience with the product.

Superfly Kids

Based in Michigan, Superfly Kids is #2 in its state thanks to a unique and child-friendly approach to children’s retail which keeps both the parents and the children happy at the same time. Utilising the favourite genres of children worldwide, the concept is incredibly unique and this originality is reflected in the profits!

superfly kids

With features which allow children to dress their toys in the same clothes and even build their own outfit, Superfly Kids never loses focus of its audience, while creating quality products which parents will also be happy with.


Lumosity takes self-improvement and gives it a great, unique twist, choosing to focus upon the mind rather than the body. It would seem customers like this approach as the company is now #75 of Californian companies!

With brain training exercises to help reaction and memory, the 40 million members can trust the authenticity as the company is part of the Human Cognition Project.