15 Eye-Opening Social Media Stats For Marketers

One of the best ways to get an idea of the power and reach of social media is cold, hard statistics. Social media is about numbers and figures in so many ways and understanding the reach and the power of the top sites gives you a better idea of where to invest time, what to focus on and how to leverage the best possible sites for your brand. For instance, according to Hubspot around 70% of businesses have acquired a customer through Facebook.

social media stats
photo credit: Jason Howie

We’ve come up with a number of great facts and statistics from around the World Wide Web that showcase these interesting changes and transformations – so why not take a look.

Facebook Stats

Facebook is the largest social site by some margin and has around a billion users active on the site. It’s natural and paid reach are both extremely beneficial to business. However, let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts.

  • Almost 8 out of 10 logins on retailer social media are to Facebook. This is compared with 12% for G+ and just 4% for Twitter.
  • This year (2013) Google will make up 13% of the advertising revenue for mobile devices on a worldwide basis.
  • Over 2.5bn pieces of information are shared on the site by its users each and every day.


Twitter is one of the largest social media players and around 50% of businesses claim to have acquired a customer through the social media site. So, let’s take a look at the stats

  • Around 400m tweets are sent each day from users of the site
  • Around half of all tech companies have acquired a new customer through use of the site
  • One in four people who complain about a product on Twitter will expect to receive a response dealing with the issue within 60 minutes of sending
  • More business to business companies use twitter – around 80% –  than business to consumer businesses – 69%


Google’s social media network can often seem like a wilderness and the mysocialagency social media team still find it tough to understand why some still ignore it. We’d probably suggest those that do turn a blind eye to big G’s site do so at their peril as it’s constantly growing and looks set to be a big player in 5 years or so.

  • Just over 70% of all companies have a Google+ page, that’s an increase of 4% on the last quarter of 2012.
  • More B2C brands tend to use Google+ than B2B brands, although the difference is 41% compared to 39% so it’s not notably large
  • Of all business logins to social media sites around 12% are Google+ bound
  • Social share logins on behemoth Facebook fell from 54% to 49% in the last quarter of 2012, while Google+ saw a rise of 31% – up from 25%. A sign of things to come?


LinkedIn has 238m users now and is a fantastic site for business. So, what are the stats?

  • According to Sales Guy Consulting – 43% of businesses have come across a new customer on the site
  • Around 61% of people use the site for networking firstly.
  • Six out of ten users clicked on an advert on the site
  • Around half of B2C companies use Linkedin, while 83% of B2B companies do.

So, as you can see the landscape is quite an interesting one and these insights provide plenty to think about. What sites do you prefer?