Wondershare: The Solution to Your Video Marketing Woes (Giveaway and 50% Discount Code Inside!)

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software has been around for a few years, and has received its fare share of excellent feedback from marketers, hobbyists, and both large and small business owners across cyberspace. Though you might not have heard about this little gem of a marketing tool, you’ll certainly use it more than once if you like to utilize video to market your business (and let’s face it, you should, it’s 2013 for crying out loud!)

First, I’ll review some of the technical information about the software (bare with me on this one please). I’ll get to some of the cool benefits for small business marketing in just a bit. I’m recommending this converter because I’ve used it on a couple of recent campaigns and was really floored at how easy it is to use. Normally, we’re all stuck using two or three individual programs to get the end-result that the Wondershare product did for me in just one sitting.

wondershare video converter ultimate review

Their system requirements are quite doable for any small business owner:

  • Works on all current Windows’ platforms and goes as far back as NT for support.
  • Minimum 750MHz processor.
  • Requires 100Mb or more free hard drive space and 256Mb RAM.

The real advantages this software gives you are speed, quality and versatility:

  1. From a speed perspective, the company claims that their software converts video at a rate that’s 30 times faster than similar conversion software. The speed isn’t just within the backbone of the software, the icon-based interface is the real hero of the program, which makes it easy for both the seasoned or unseasoned user to figure out what controls they need/want to use. Not to mention the drag-and-drop feature work flawlessly for converting, ripping, and burning too! You’ll rarely need to use the help menu at all; this is a really intuitive tool made for ease-of-use.
  2. Quality-wise, Wondershare claims to be able to convert from one format to another (e.g. Converting AVI to MP4) with zero quality loss. This is an important feature tend to overlooked by users when they are looking for the right software to use.
  3. The versatility aspect of wondershare.com is in the number of input files it can work with (158 at last count), and those which it can output to (again 158 possible formats). The full list can be viewed here: http://www.wondershare.com/reference/video-converter-ultimate.html. It’s also versatile because of the functions, many of which are described in the paragraphs to come.

So, how does all this benefit you, the small business owner?

  • Now that we live in a very mobile world, it’s important to have your marketing strategy set to include mobile viewers like Android, iPad, iPod, PSP, etc. In order to make all this happen quickly, you need a one-stop tool to do things quickly or you can easily miss a passing trend that could have been capitalized on with a snappy video campaign (we’ve all heard about “viral videos” right?)
  • If you do a lot of sales presentations on the go, or if you want to send out promotional video material to your sales or marketing team quickly and efficiently to their phones, you can quickly rip, convert, clip, copy, paste whatever you need quickly and do in minutes what used to take more than an hour (if you are good with this sort of thing to begin with!)
  • When visiting potential clients, they are by no means obligated to open your emails or visit your site, but when you have mobile-ready video right there in front of you, with your promo vid set to play, it’s hard for them to avoid you. You can show videos of your business, customer testimonials, your production facilities, etc. This holds true for investors who can offer funding to your startup or existing business – you can make videos on the fly and convert them with blazing speed to give them a bird’s eye view of whatever they need to see in order to close the deal.
  • If you have a client and/or prospect list, you can shoot a promo on your phone from anywhere, convert it lickety-split with the Video Converter Ultimate and send it out to your list within minutes, using popular, easily readable AVI, MKV, MP4 and MPEG formats.
  • The functionality of the software isn’t just limited to video-only format: you can rip audio files and add them to your video files, or vice versa; you can rip DVDs and convert them to easily-viewable online or mobile formats; or take a video you shot with a cam or phone and convert it to a DVD, or online vid in no time flat.

Giveaway! 50% Discounts! Oh my!

Okay – this is what you might be waiting for: In our partnership with Wondershare, we would like to offer you a chance to win one of five free license of the Video Converter Ultimate, worth $69.95 – yours for free.

Giveaway: How to enter

  • Please share this blog post URL on Facebook or Twitter;
  • Leave a comment on the comment section below, containing the Facebook/Twitter update link AND your contact info (e.g. email address);
  • We will choose five winners randomly;
  • This contest will end on October 31st, 2013.

50% OFF discount code

Missing out the giveaway or simply not interested in the giveaway? Fear not – Wondershare offers 50% discounts off Video Converter Ultimate!

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