How Alternative Therapies Could Boost Your Business

Employers have a duty to keep their staff safe from accidents and illness that could occur as a direct result of their work, but more and more bosses are going beyond the minimum legal requirements to actively enhance the well-being of their staff. They are doing this for many reasons, not least because it can be very good for business.

Health-On-Line takes a look at two alternative therapies and how they can be good for your workers, and your bottom line.


pilates class
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Yoga and Pilates are similar practices that focus on stretching and strengthening to improve stability, flexibility and posture. They are often cited as being great for mental well-being because they promote calmness and deep breathing.

Advocates of yoga and Pilates say they feel better able to deal with stress and also report reductions in things such as back and neck ache. This is because Pilates and yoga focus on core strength and keeping the muscles engaged throughout the practice. Most people do not use their core while sitting which puts a strain on unnecessary joints and muscles. Studios like CORE elation Pilates offers rehabilitation for chronic back and neck ache.

Encouraging all your staff to take up yoga or Pilates won’t result in a constantly serene office where everyone sits bolt upright all the time and never gets shoulder pain, but it could give them a kind of coping mechanism in tough moments.

Introduce some of the elements of these practices – such as deep breathing and stillness – as a suggestion for how employees can take a break at stressful times. Provide a quiet room where they can retreat to for a few minutes.


aroma massage
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Massage is great for relieving aches and pains, which many office workers suffer from after spending hours hunched over the computer or cradling the phone to their ear. A regular massage session can work wonders for the muscles and soft tissues.

A monthly short pamper session can release tension. Try getting a professional in once a month for short head or hand massages.

The business benefits

happy employees
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It is not difficult to grasp that happy, healthy staff will be more productive and more committed to their work. Sick days cost UK businesses £29 billion a year, with each worker taking an average 9.1 days off from their job because of ill health.

Obviously, reducing the number of sick days will reduce this cost and boost productivity. Even a single member of staff off ill can have a huge impact on the day-to-day running of a business, particularly small firms.

It is in bosses’ best interests to do their bit to keep staff healthy, and it does not have to cost them a lot of money. The investments they could make into, for example, a monthly massage or decorating a quiet space for de-stressing, will more than pay off in the long run. Even changes which are free, such as ensuring staff have a proper lunch break and can get outdoors for breaks, can go a long way towards boosting staff well-being and morale, and therefore productivity.

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