5 Ways to Make Buying Easier for Customers

5 Ways to Make Buying Easier for Customers

Customers want buying to be as simple as possible. Walk into a store, choose what to buy, pay for the item and leave the store happy. Sometimes though there are several factors that make buying a bit complicated like items being out of stock, staff being unhelpful, and not supporting the paying method you are using. Sometimes customers who are hurdled with these problems may want to ask these stores “Do you really want me to buy your product or not?”

All these can be avoided if businesses carefully craft their process so it remains buyer-friendly. Here’s how you can make it happen:

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1. Be Available

Before a customer walks into your store, he must first know (1) your store exists, (2) you provide the product they need, and (3) where your store is located. Most buyers now go on the Internet to get information on where to buy something they need. Your business must be available to these potential clients whether the search is being done on a computer or a mobile phone. Offer all the needed information so it will be easy for customers to find your business.

2. Stock Up

Make sure you have stocks to the products you’ve advertised on the Internet and you’ve posted on your social media page. A customer who saw your website offering a piece of furniture and then travels miles to visit your shop would surely have a mouthful to say when they find out you’re out of stock. If supplies are really running low, make sure to inform potential customers of this on your website or social media page. It will also be good to provide information on when that particular item would be available.

3. Organise

When a customer walks in your store he should not have a hard time looking for the product he needs. Be sure to arrange your products in an easy way for clients to effortlessly spot the item they need. If they would need to go through a maze to find a product, the client may lose interest and just go to another store.

4. Offer Varied Payment Options

Cash, cheque, credit and debit – these are the usual payment methods customers use when buying. Make sure your store has the capability to process payments using these options so customers won’t have a hard time paying for an item.

Make sure you have the latest EFTPOS machine to process credit and debit payments from various merchant banks. It will also be good to have one with many useful features and apps that will make your customers’ buying experience more convenient.

If you offer delivery or you’re a company that offers home service, a portable EFTPOS machine would also be good to have.

5. Provide the Best Customer Experience

Give your customers a positive and pleasant experience when buying from your store or getting your service. Train your staff to be courteous and helpful to your customers. A genuine greeting as they enter the store could go a long way. If your customer leaves with a positive feeling as they exit your store, they might even consider coming back next time.

Customers determine whether a business will flourish or not. The abundance of satisfied customers will bring you to the top while the lack of customers will surely drag down your business. Making sure your customers have the easiest buying experience will open doors to new customers and will get you loyal clients.

Debra Wright

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