Style Up Your Office

It’s hard to get enthusiastic about work when you have to sit in a dull grey office all day. If you want things to change for the better, I recommend you to start looking for ideas. While you are at it, bring your office to life with these tips and tricks to transform your office into a thought provoking and inspirational place to work in.


modern office lighting
photo credit: David Wall

Light up your office with a stylish standing lamp or go for something a little different with an exotic lava lamp or two. They will add an instant warm and relaxing ambience to your office. Good lighting is crucial if you’re spending hours writing, typing or reading so make sure your office is well lit so you don’t strain those eyes of yours!

When you are looking for the right lighting for your office, be sure you also consider the functionality, in addition to the aesthetic value of the lighting. Always try to find ways to get natural light as much as you can – it’s good for you and your business’ bottom line.


office wall mural
© Photowall

Want to boost your team’s creativity? Try to work on your office walls.

Hang thought provoking art on your walls or even 3D art that will make the picture come to life. Visually stimulating art will get the creative juices flowing! Invite another realm into your office with magnificent wall murals that’ll have you feeling like you stepped into another dimension.


glass desk
photo credit: Jeff Wilcox

Add a splash of colour to your office by throwing out that old grey chair and replacing it with something colourful and lively. Colour stimulates the imagination and by adding colour into your office, you’ll create a happier working place. If you are sitting comfortably in your office you’re more likely to work harder and better, comfort comes first after all! Try a glass desk to add a sense of modernity into your office or a wooden one to give your office rustic appeal.

Also, don’t under-estimate the importance of ergonomics, especially when choosing a desk. This Lifehacker article offers some great tips on how to choose (or even build) the right office desk.


office flower
photo credit: treegartner

Mini Zen garden, anyone? Kick your depression away by spicing up your boring, dull-coloured office walls and cubicle partitions using the right office decorations.

Give your feet a break from slapping across hard tiles and lay out a soft rug in your office. Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes and textures but who can resist a gorgeous fluffy one and your feet will thank you for it too.

Decorating your office with something simple like an original vase filled with beautiful flowers will brighten it up instantly. Filling your office with antiques, maps or a globe sitting on your desk will give your office a rustic look.

Create a collage of your favourite photos and notes etc. on a large pegboard to add something personal into your work space. Appeal to the senses with scented candles to create a deliciously scented office so even your nose is happy.


Your office is where you spend much of your time. Skimping on office design can impact your and your team’s productivity. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on office design; you can adopt best practices in such a way that you can get the most from your office design – for less.