Brand Promotion for Effective Lead Generation

“Within every brand is a product, but not every product is a brand.”

A brand can be a unique design, symbol, sign, words or mixture of these, utilized in developing an image that describes about product and separates it from its contenders. Although there are various marketing strategy, brand promotion is one of the most common marketing strategy, which is mainly intended to enhance product awareness, competitiveness, sales, customer loyalty and overall the value of the company. However, this effective technique requires marketers to be passionate about what they are doing.

brand promotion

Hence, the branding is not just about getting your target market, but is also about getting your prospects to see you as the only source that can provide the best solution to their problem. However, the objectives that a good brand can achieve include:

  • Delivering the message clearly
  • Confirming credibility
  • Linking with target prospects expressively
  • Motivating the buyers
  • Building user loyalty

However, your brand is a source of promise to your customer. In order to succeed in your branding you must understand the needs and requirements of your clients and prospects. It is truly essential to spend quality time in researching, defining and building your brand. Furthermore, with the right balance of brand awareness and lead generation, a well-recognized brand can be made more attainable.

So, what exactly is a lead?

A lead is a person who has in some way, form or appearance specified curiosity in your company’s product or service. Lead generation is one of the most important steps of sales process. Moreover, quality leads are important to achieve as they are the leads that a salesperson has a good chance of closing. Additionally, a good marketing plan is the major factor that contributes to successful lead generation. It not only works towards bringing in the significant leads, but also on fostering those leads in a much bespoke approach, till they are sale prepared.

Let’s look at some of the methods of generating leads:

  • Email Marketing: It is an effectual marketing implement, which is unswerving, personal and has the power to put across your message in the most effective way.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It is the process used to get your website listed and ranked by the search engines. Moreover, the largest quantity of leads can be generated from organic search followed by various search engines.
  • Social Media: Social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ can be a very effective tool for businesses to generate leads.
  • Website Optimization: Building extremely effective landing pages can help your company to get more leads.
  • Content Marketing: An excellent content marketing program, creating content that appeals to the needs of your target market can help you a lot in increasing your leads.
  • Paid Search Information: Paid search information can attract visitors who are looking for offers and in turn increases the leads.
  • Tradeshows: Tradeshows are very good opportunity for a business, to generate leads which later help in list generation, tracking, follow-ups and gaining high-priority leads.
  • Webinars: Webinars are the most powerful tools for generating leads. Moreover, webinars present an economical, user-friendly method that lets prospects to step forward and show they are interested. This technology enables marketing professionals to reach various prospectuses and determine the strongest leads by tracking attendees’ interest and participation.

So, above are some of the most efficient methods of lead generation. However, all leads are not equal. Some may be mere enquiries with no real need for your products and services. Others are quality, qualified leads that are serious about learning more about the solution that your business offers. When talking about Business-to-business or B2B lead generation, the biggest challenges faced by B2B businesses are:

  • How to generate more leads
  • How to augment the value of the leads you do create

Here are some of the tips or strategies that can help you to explore in your B2B organization:

  • Attract leads through blogging by creating and giving out excellence, edifying content
  • Build relationship and positioning with potential customers through social media
  • Demonstrate your expertise through webinars and encourage your potential customers to sign-up to the next step of your sales process
  • Optimize your website and content using SEO by integrating the keywords and search phrases that your buyer persona is using related to your products and services
  • You can attract paid-for traffic using Pay Per Click advertising and secure your spot on page one of Google
  • Offer your prospects valuable content in the form of eBook, white paper or video series
  • Get in front of large number of potential customers through trade shows and exhibitions
  • Form a vigilantly crafted mailing campaign to new prospects in order to generate leads
  • Identify your relevant prospects and offer them deals using email marketing

Thus, growing and enhancing customer’s trust is very important for business and lead generation is one of the top objectives for B2B companies. Therefore, in order to find more potential clients, marketers should be able to collect leads through variety of methods. All the above mentioned methods and tactics can surely help your business to generate more leads. Just find out the ways that works best for you to generate leads for your business.

About the Author: Gregg Schwartz, Director of Sales and Marketing for Strategic Sales & Marketing, is a blogger and marketing expert. He has a keen interest in finding various means to get the solution for some of the biggest challenges faced by B2B businesses and how to boost lead generation in order to help businesses to grow.