How to Boost Sales Through Storytelling

Sharing a great story can be an easy and effective way to convert web traffic into direct sales. Limited by a lack of resources and experience, many small businesses find it difficult to capitalize on this opportunity, but here at Weebly we’ve seen some enterprising entrepreneurs use creative storytelling to achieve exceptional results.

kecak dance storytelling
Kecak dance, Bali, Indonesia – photo credit

The following examples demonstrate three distinct ways that small business websites can use storytelling to boost sales and improve conversion opportunities.

IndyPlush: Character-Driven Product Descriptions

Traditionally the last content customers read before making a purchasing decision, product descriptions play a vital role in the online sales process and provide a robust platform for storytelling. Plush toy boutique IndyPlush uses simple and direct storytelling techniques to create character-driven product descriptions that bring personality and creativity into the sales funnel.

indy plush website

IndyPlush product descriptions provide first-person narratives from the toy’s perspective. The toys are all animals, so the narratives take a playful angle that align with the product’s own whimsical design and environmentally conscious production. The stories share interesting facts about each character, breathing personality into the offerings that improves the perception of value and emotional connection to each product, two factors highly effective for driving sales.

By building character focused stories into product descriptions small businesses can develop a personal connection with visitors who are only a few clicks away from completing a purchase.

Roasterb: The Unique About Page

About Pages present exceptional storytelling opportunities due to the flexibility to develop both uniquely tailored content and presentation elements. Small businesses are free from negotiating around a strong call to action since About Page visitors are most likely primed for longform content.

roasterb coffee website

The Roasterb Coffee Co. About Page employs key storytelling techniques with particular efficiency. The UK-based company uses this space to focus on the inspiration behind its coffee blends, which originate from a passion for travel and global urban culture. The content reaches out on a personal level to other worldly coffee connoisseurs, providing a unique value proposition that sets Roasterb apart from competing coffee companies.

The About Page also features clear narrative sections separated by unique headlines that provide a positive visual flow. Readability is key here, it’s easy to follow the business backstory as it hits the main concepts. About Page visitors that read and develop a connection with the business and its story are more likely to feel positive about the brand and are in a better position to convert.

By focusing on a unique editorial narrative supported by strong design and presentation, small business About Pages can provide the type of creative brand backstory that can help drive additional sales.

Bounce Battle: Action Videos

Video content remains a powerful storytelling medium, and transforming small business stories into videos may be one of the best ways to use storytelling to convert website visitors.

bounce battle website

Bounce Battle uses a brief but engaging homepage video to convey the story and vision behind its products. The video works because it’s focused on action versus explanation. Shots of Bounce Battle game variants operating in various environments take center stage, showing the audience an enticing glimpse of the product in action.

Like any good story, the video’s opening excitement is reinforced with content that explains and amplifies the message, further building out the story and its characters. Bounce Battle combines action with company values and product vision to create a complete narrative that’s both informative and interesting.

Entertaining videos help capture attention and can highlight the action elements behind a good story. Combined with a clear call to action and some decent production, video storytelling can dramatically boost engagement and sales.

About the Author: Adam Tanguay is an SEO and Content Marketer for Weebly, the DIY website builder that gives entrepreneurs an easy and powerful way to build a complete site, store or blog from start to finish.