Break a Few Eggs and Grow Your Business Globally

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” – English proverb

breaking eggs
photo credit: Tatiana Vdb

Comfort zone – either for personal or business endeavor – is really dangerous. It can give you the sense of security, and without you realizing it, you are starting to procrastinating and lose focus.

In today’s economy, you can’t afford to lose focus. You need to constantly make yourself feel uncomfortable.


Because when you are uncomfortable, you will almost instinctively find a way to become comfortable again. The idea is NOT to allow your small business settles in a comfort zone almost in a sedative state.


Way #1: If it ain’t broke, break it

One of the signs that your business has passed the growth curve and start to slope downward is the fact that today, your business runs like yesterday, last week and last month – again, in a sedative way.

If your business is in that state, get ready to break things out: You need to think about better ways or better products… you need to think about how to explore new market… how about overseas market? You need to explore new ways to do business… how about going mobile? Mobile market is still young and it’s growing rapidly.

Again, the idea here is not to let your business get too comfortable.

Way #2: Explore overseas market

Want a challenge? Try getting your products overseas. There’s a world of opportunity out there, but things are challenging – very challenging – IF you don’t know how to do it. If you got the “IT”, business growth is only a matter of time.

Illy Cafe Tokyo
photo credit: Osamu Kaneko

You will need to address cultural issues; language barriers; different laws and regulations; the list can go on and on.

Way #3: Don’t set your bar to low

Goals should be attainable, but not too easy or too difficult to reach. And yes, goals should be universal, whether you are a one-man company or a 500-staff one.

Although you are technically a small business, don’t name your business “small business” too often. Brad Sugar says that calling your business as “small business” is limiting your growth potential.

I personally never call my business as “small business” – I call my business “agency”. I never call my blogs as “blogs” or “weblogs” – I call my blogs “online magazine.” Names matter much and they can pretty much impact how high or low you set your goals.

Estee Lauder cosmetics
photo credit: JFXie

How to break through the chain and reach to the sky

The best way to answer that question is with another question: “What do you want your business to become in the next 10 years?” If you answer “more of the same” then it’s no use to break through the chain; you’ll never achieve the growth targets you set.

Want some inspiration? Then get some: Check out this interesting intro video to one of Singapore Sessions’ sessions, which feature Estee Lauder’s Executive Chairman, William P. Lauder and Illy Coffee’s CEO, Andrea Illy.

The video talks about how Mr. Illy and Mr. Lauder takes their global business to South East Asian markets; it talks about how breaking some eggs is really required to make an omelette: How they strategize their already-big market to explore new market to make their market pie even bigger. How they adopt a business model which support their core strategies and focus on a common goal, despite the contrasting difference both companies adopt.

And, oh, what’s their common goal, anyway? To be the best in the global market. THAT’s what makes them market leaders in their respective industries.

Before you go…

You need to be sure that you understand that in order to grow your business, you need to “break some eggs”; you need to change things; you need to get off your La-Z boy sofa and start doing something. Anything. Please.

Remember, opportunities will come to those who seek. And always make sure that when the opportunities do come, you are ready to take on them.

Good luck in your endeavour!