6 Tips to Get The Word Out For Your Next Event

Nothing is worse than planning an epic event only to have there be a poor turnout. Think ahead and plan accordingly to get the word out and let people know what’s going on. But don’t just stop there.

You want to step up the game and give them a taste that leaves them wanting more. Sensationalize the event so you know that all key influencers and leaders will be bringing in the groups that you know should be there.

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Keep in step with the latest channels for marketing exposure so that news of your event reaches and draws in the right audience.

Tip 1: Utilize Social Media

As we become increasingly connected much of marketing strategy today has turned upside down. Word of mouth has jumped up exponentially and viral online marketing campaigns are become serious part of marketing launch strategies. Announce the features of your events, like details from the event’s own event app for example. This is a great way to increase the word of mouth and create buzz.

Tip 2: Build Community

Don’t think of your event as just a place where people will get together. Rather, consider a central theme that will draw people in to gather and engage. Tap into the collective spirit of a community and share in the vision and ideal that each member of that community strives for. Once you’ve tapped in to the central theme of what you are creating, people will engage with it on a deeper, more emotional level and at that point they won’t be able to help but tell everyone they know, sending the news spreading through their pockets of networks like wildfire.

Tip 3: Invite Key Players

Strategize your marketing plan by targeting major influencers in the community. Take note of who is sparking conversations and debates and celebrate their impact. Giving accolades where they’re due, jumping in and taking part of movements, inviting leaders to share. All of these ideas can have a major impact in getting your event off the ground.

Tip 4: Lead Thought

Find out how the community is engaging with different ideas and thoughts and help drive the conversation. Participate in the discussion and invest in the creation of genuine discussion for movement and impact on the cultural scenery. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Tap into your people and find out what makes them tick. That is at the heart of what you will want to speak to promoting your event.

Tip 5: Build Anticipation

By blogging about the event in advance, you will help stir up anticipation of it. Guest blogging can be helpful for generating cross links and tapping into SEO mechanics. Promote a week in advance to remind people of the event. Publish an interview with one or more of the guests. Conduct the interview over the internet for efficiency.

Tip 6: Offer Pre-Written Tweets

When asking sponsors and speakers to promote the event, don’t simply ask them. Make is simple for them by crafting a list of marketing messages that they can send out or customize for their own voice.

These are just a few ideas that can help you in promoting your event. Your creativity is the limit, however. Think of new ideas and tailor them to your context. Think outside of the box and brainstorm ideas to bypass traditional avenues for promotion.

Above all, have fun, for that’s the most infectious marketing tool around.